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About GDBC

Groningen Digital Business Centre (GDBC) is a new knowledge centre that focuses on the development, sharing and transfer of knowledge in the field of digital business and data analytics. A place where innovation and research into digital entrepreneurship is stimulated. Science and business come together within the GDBC to develop knowledge and share it with each other. This makes GDBC the scientific, digital place to be of Groningen, where (young) professionals are trained and prepared for a job in the digital sector.

The center was established by the Faculties 'Economics and Business' and 'Science and Engineering' of the University of Groningen and the ‘Noordelijke Online Ondernemers’ (NOO). This unique collaboration should lead to a structural strengthening of the digital sector in the Northern Netherlands. The GDBC is supported by Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN).

The GDBC has four aims to reach to:
    1) to act as a knowledge platform for digital entrepreneurship;
    2) match making between talented students and northern companies in the digital sector;
    3) to start up a multidisciplinary educational program with the focus on digital entrepreneurship, which          ultimately leads to a multidisciplinary Master of Marketing Intelligence and Data Science and
    4) together with the northern companies, investigate the relevant subjects for a research agenda.