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About VodafoneZiggo

Become a Discover Trainee

Set your expectations of three-piece suits, bad coffee and suspended ceilings aside and become a Discover Trainee at VodafoneZiggo. While being surrounded by like-minded talent, you’ll work on three exciting projects with outstanding supervision.

With a master’s in your pocket, more than grades on your CV and a digital mindset, this is the place to step up your game, showcase yourtalent and learn a lot more in the process. The perfect kick-start to your career.

In this together

Forget monotone work weeks or mind-numbing Excel sheets. With three challenging projects to bring out the professional in you and various workshops designed for your personal growth, no week will be the same.

Don’t worry. We won’t just push you in and see if you can swim. From day one you will be part of a group of fellow trainees and dedicated mentors. Everything to help you grow on a professional and personal level.

After your traineeship

After eighteen months your traineeship ends. What to do with all that new-found knowledge and experience? Time to activate your network and plot your course at VodafoneZiggo. Your mentor will be there to help, but which job you go for is entirely up to you.