Dutch Marketing Association || Dutch Marketing Thesis Awards || Register Marketing Academy

Dutch Marketing Association

The MARUG is part of the Marketing Associatie Nederland (M.A.N), which is the national marketing association of the Netherlands. Besides the MARUG, the marketing study associations of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Maastricht are also part of the M.A.N. The M.A.N. offers a number of national events and networks in which MARUG-members can participate.

Dutch Marketing Thesis Awards

Each year, the M.A.N. and the NIMA organise the Dutch Marketing Awards for students who have been shortlisted from several Dutch universities. At this event, the best Marketing Thesis of the Netherlands will be chosen. 

Register Marketeer Acadamy

The Register Marketeer Academy (RM Academy) is a collaboration between NIMA and the M.A.N.. RM Academy, marketeers who have been working in marketing for over 15 years, provides the possibility to connect Register Marketeers with students. In this way, Register Marketeers are able to transfer their knowledge through a presentation and/or workshop to marketing students. Every session of the RM Academy is focussed on a certain theme, e.g. City Marketing, Sales in a changing world and SEO Marketing.

The RM Academy takes place 8 to 10 times a year, with a different city as host for each session. Every city which has an association connected to the Dutch Marketing Association, hosts a Register Marketing Academy at least once a year. Usually, the RM Academy is in the afternoon and evening and is accessible both for Register Marketeers and students.