The MARUG believes that sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of our society and we are convinced that becoming more sustainable is a moral obligation. The MARUG therefore tries to implement sustainability into its operations and tries to create awareness among its members by using our networking function. In turn, we hope to contribute towards a better, cleaner and more liveable world. The MARUG tries to accomplish this by a number of means. 

For these efforts, the MARUG has received the Bronze Label by the University of Groningen's Green Office.

Sustainability efforts by MARUG

Waste management

Waste is one of the main contributors towards environmental degradation. Therefore, the MARUG aims to make its waste handling more sustainable by: 


  • Separation: waste is separated at the MARUG offices at all times.
  • Reducing paper use: operations are almost entirely paperless thereby saving thousands of pages.
  • Reusage: leftover goodies and gadgets are put in inventory and reused in the future while leftover food is brought to the food bank when possible.
  • Recycling: unused material is put up for recycling.



To make sure every committee operates as sustainable as possible a Sustainability Officer is appointed in most of our committees. This officer makes sure that the choices made by the committee are as sustainable as possible. With this bottom-up approach active members are more actively involved with improving sustainability as well. 


The MARUG Sustainable Marketing Event committee has its own Instagram page! Besides promoting their event on this page they provide awareness and information about sustainability in general. In this way the MARUG hopes to motivate and inspire others to become engaged with sustainability. Check out their page here!