Sustainability by our partners

Besides our own sustainability efforts, the MARUG also collaborates with several companies that are focussing a lot on sustainability. This can for example be by reducing waste during the production process or by making sure your employees can sustain a healthy lifestyle at work. Below you can find out all about our partners and what they do regarding sustainability.


"As soon as you walk in you feel the pride. We are proud of our brands, our company, our craftmanship and ofcourse our beers. It is in our DNA. Just like sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship, in everything that we do. Because we believe that this will bring us - ánd the world around us - further."

Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship has become a part of our daily routine. We practice this hroughout many different projects. Thinking and acting circular and inclusive acts as a starting point. In our sustainabilitystrategy we focus on 6 focal points. By making an effort to improve each of these focal points, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) of the United Nations.

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In our sustainability strategy DUURZAAM.KARAKTER. we focus on six priorities:

  1. Reducing our CO2 and energy usage;
  2. Maximizing circular packaging;
  3. Reusing brewery waste;
  4. Reduce water usage;
  5. Stimulating social and economic growth;
  6. Promote responsible alcohol usage.


Here are some more details about some of the things that Grolsch has accomplished;

  • They are the first to use crates that are for 100% made of recycled consumer plastic;
  • They have decreased our water usage by 32% ever since 2005;
  • So far, they have saved over 215.000 kg of glass by redesigning our bottles;
  • And also do they reuse 99,8% of all they brewery waste

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Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jacobs Douwe Egberts is working towards A responsible coffee for every cup

Sustainability is hot topic in the coffee and tea industry, and for a good reason. Climate change could be detrimental to our coffee and tea supply and our farmers whose livelihoods depend on it. JDE has therefore committed itself working towards a sustainable coffee and tea supply chain that protects our people and planet for generations to come.

Our Common Grounds sourcing program was established in 2018, with this clear vision in mind. By supporting local projects through our Common Grounds program we ensure that our coffee and tea is sourced is a responsible manner; with the greatest of care for the environment, our farm workers and farming communities. More than 85% of our coffee and tea is already responsibly sourced under Common Grounds, and JDE is greatly committed to making this 100% by 2025.

Our sustainability efforts reach far beyond the origins. Circularity has been our top priority for years and we are always looking for innovative ways to minimize our environmental impact by making optimal use of our residual flows and the lifespan of our products. This varies from our reusable and recyclable paper cup, which can be used up to four times and is processed into new products such as tissue and toilet paper, to our new circular coffee station concept: a fully demountable coffee station made from spent coffee grounds. We even use spent coffee grounds, a waste product from our production process, as energy source for our factory in Joure. With this energy source we have been able to supply 90% of the heat demand of this factory for over 50 years.           

That is how we make a difference.            

We can make the most profound impact if we work together. JDE is committed to making the coffee and tea market more sustainable, from crop to cup and from farmer to consumer. Are you in?  

To find out more about our sustainability journey, visit our website:

To find out more as JDE visit their company page.