The MARUG is an interdepartmental study association for those interested in marketing at a scientific level. The MARUG is the university intermediary between marketing theory and marketing practice through which the exchange of marketing knowledge and experience is promoted. Through the contacts in business and with marketing associations we offer students an expansion of their knowledge and career opportunities.

The number of students interested in marketing significantly increases every year and that of course is a wonderful development. The MARUG has existed since 1981 and the association has 1500 members, of which roughly 80 are active members who fill various committees. In addition, a large number of scientists and people from the business world are connected to the MARUG. Besides the board and the 13 committees, MARUG has a financially independent organization: the MARUG Conference. Moreover, there is a partnership between the MARUG and the Marketing Associations from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Maastricht; de Marketing Association of the Netherlands (M.A.N.).

The M.A,N. organizes three activities:

  • The Dutch Marketing Battle (NMS)
  • The Dutch Marketing Thesis Award (DTMA)
  • The online Marketing Internship Network; a mediation between students and companies