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General information

The ambassadors programme consists of a diverse group of MARUG Plus members. Everyone who would want to actively think about and help with giving input for events can become a MARUG ambassador. This group of ambassadors consists of starting graduates as well as alumni with more working experience, all with very diverse background. The diverse backgrounds are based on MARUG committee- or boardexperience, study and work. But the focus within this diversity is of course marketing to let the network of ambassadors be relevant to the MARUG.

Becoming an ambassador

As a MARUG ambassador, we expect you to be aware of potential opportunities for the MARUG (within your network). This means that you will look within and use your network to for example find speakers for events or potential partners for the MARUG. Also, you could share ideas for companies to for example host a MARUG Plus Activity, an inhouse tour or another event. Ambassadors thus form a link between the MARUG board and companies. Through its ambassadors, the MARUG hopes to be able to adapt to new trends and developments and as a result to offer more to her members. The amount of hours of work for an ambassador mostly depend on own initiative, but we expect it to be around 4 hours per month. The contact with the board will be via the secretary.

Summarizing, being an ambassador is a small effort which will be very helpful to the MARUG and her members. The ambassadors programme offers alumni to be able to give something back to their study associating without a lot of effort being needed. Want to become an ambassador? Contact Kim Postma via!

Current MARUG Ambassadors

Marijke van Ark
As the youngest boardmember of the board 2009-2010, Marijke graduated her Msc Strategy and Innovation Management. She started as a Junior Associate at SparkOptimus, but she has left the strategy consultancy and now works at Ace & Tate as CRM manager.

Mark Jansen
As PR and Promotions of the MARUG board 2009-2010, Mark was known for his creative braim. He has stayed in the online world and has worked for companies like PayPal and SociaBol. Until the beginning of 2017, he was working as an Online Sales Account Manager at Google where he worked with AdWords and large customer sales. In February, he started as a Social and Video Advertising Specialist at iZettle. Mark has been a great help with organizing the Inhouse Tour to Dublin.  

Laura van de Merwe
In 2012, Laura was the external relations of the MARUG board. Now she has graduated and started working as a trainee at Philips, where she's still working now.

Boudewijn Schrijver
After his MARUG career as a member of the Commercial Break committee and external relations of the MARUG board 2009-2010, Boudewijn has started his job at LinkedIn aa a Sales Development Specialist. Since August 2014, he is building LinkedIn Sales Solutions in the Benelux as an Account Executive. Boudewijn has been a great help with organizing the Inhouse Tour to Dublin.  

Ramon Sloof
After working as a Trade Marketeer of the IT team at Coolblue, Ramon has started a new challenge at Blokker Holding. Here, he will be starting a Trade Marketing under a new online organization. By now, he is Teamlead Trade Marketing!

Wilbert van der Woude
As former chairman of the MARUG, Wilbert is still very closely involved with the MARUG. After an intership at KLM, he is now working at Ahold as a Creative Content Manager.

Wencke Lesterhuis
As a very active MARUG member, Wencke has been part of both the MARUG Conference board as well as the MARUG Master Team. After for example working at Henkel, she is currently working as the Marketing Manager Benelux at Marchon Eyewear.