MARUG Plus Partner

The MARUG strives to offer graduate RUG students the opportunity to develop themselves further and broaden their knowledge in the field of marketing continuously. The MARUG will provide you this together with one partner: the Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen (RUGCIC). The RUGCIC is a non-profit organisation with the aim to develop and share recent and relevant customer insights between business and science.

Customer Insights Center

The Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen (RUGCIC) connects academics and practitioners on customer insights. Companies can become member of the RUGCIC and enjoy seminars, trainings and other activities to keep up date with the latest customer insights.

The RUGCIC offers to companies:

  • Knowledge network with exchange of recent and relevant marketing research
  • At least three yearly research reports on customer insights topics
  • Spring and autumn seminars with speakers from the academic community and business
  • Customized solutions including research, professorships and workshops relevant to the business situation.
  • Matchmaking with talented students

Internship possibilities

There are two kinds of internships that could be arranged via the RUGCIC. The first one is a work internship. This could be ideal if students would like to gain practical experience and the student is in between studies or taking a break from studying.

The other type of internship that could be arranged via the RUGCIC, is a master graduation internship. This internship would be with one of our partners who are familiar with the internship requirements of the RUG. If you are a student and interested, feel free to contact us.

Discount for MARUG Plus members

Every RUGCIC member receives discounts on certain MARUG activities such as the MARUG Conference. Furthermore, the MARUG Plus members receive a significant discount on a broad range of RUGCIC activities. This discount can be up to 80%. For example, MARUG Plus members who attend the seminar of the RUGCIC only have to pay 99 euro instead of 1500 euro.

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