Customer Insights Center

The Customer Insights Center (CIC) of the University of Groningen connects business and university on Customer Insights. Companies can become a member of the CIC to participate in activities, knowledge development, -sharing and –exchange.

The CIC offers:
- Contribution to the exchange of recent and relevant research on marketing
- At least three yearly research reports on Customer Insights
- Spring and autumn  seminars on practice and academic insights
- Customized solutions including research, professorships and workshops relevant to  your business situation

Discount for MARUG Plus members
Every CIC member receives discounts on certain MARUG activities such as the MARUG Conference. Furthermore, the MARUG Plus members receive a significant discount on a broad range of CIC activities. This discount can be up to 80%. For example, MARUG Plus members who attend the autumn seminar of the CIC only have to pay 99 euro instead of 600!

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