The University of Groningen is becoming more international every year. To support the internationalisation, the MARUG has changed into an international study association. It is quite a big step to leave your foreign country and move to the Netherlands. The culture, university and people are sometimes very different from the country you lived in. The MARUG tries to help international students to guide them through these difficulties and make international students fully integrate in de Dutch culture and of course in Groningen! 

Because many international students are not familiar with study associations, its goals and events, we introduced two International Ambassadors. The International Ambassadors are active members of the MARUG, so they are able to tell every inside about our association to international students. They will emphasize the value of becoming a member of the MARUG, as well as attanding events and joining a committee. We believe that international students can develop themselves professionally and on a social level, just like Dutch students.

Our International Ambassadors are always willing to give you advise about your studies, Groningen and of course the MARUG.Watch the video below to see the MARUG experience of our current International Ambassadors, Johann and Louise.