The MARUG board consists of 6 students who are working full-time for a year on coordinating a study association with 1500 members. Besides coordinating, the board is also supporting MARUG committees with organizing their events, e.g. the MARUG Marketing Conference, the Recruitment Days and the International Marketing Experience.
Furthermore, the board constructs, redefines and executes policies concerning the association, and discusses the continuity of MARUG and how to further professionalize the association. Moreover, they are in contact with several faculties, active members, alumni, companies and other associations.

The MARUG board consists of six functions: Chairman, External Relations, Treasurer, Internal Relations, Secretary and PR/Promotion.
In addition to learning how to execute your function on the board, you also have the opportunity to develop yourself and get to know many other fellow students. Also, you are regular in regular contact with a variety of companies. Of course you are not only occupied with professional matters, since there are also many events, social drinks and parties. This combination of professional and social aspects, makes the ‘MARUG board year‘ one of the best years of your studies.

F.l.t.r.: Britt Piket, Annejet van der Vegte, Roelof Takens, Nienke Kroes, Freek van Haarlem, Robin Schoonveld