Coca-Cola, the most consumed soft-drink in the world. The company has been around for almost 125 years! However, the soft-drink market is declining due to consumers becoming more aware of their health. How does Coca-Cola keep their foot on the ground in this market? Their ongoing success story can partly be explained by their packaging innovation and strategy, they literally created a “message in a bottle”.

Of course, Coca-Cola has their  famous Christmas  commercials and other feel good ads that make us long for an ice cold can of Coke. However, what sparked my attention is their packaging innovation. "Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset," said Marcos de Quinto, chief marketing officer at Coca-Cola, in a statement. They came up with awesome variations on their bottle, to stay relevant and keep creating a buzz around their brand. The latest variant that caught the attention of marketeers, was just launched in Romania. The Coca-Cola Company added flashy festival wristbands to their bottles with some of them being access cards for one of the biggest European festivals: Transylvania Untold. It increased their sales by 10% in the first month since the project launched. Another example of packaging innovation done right was the #ShareACoke campaign. With the brand producing bottles with the most popular name in the respective country. So in Holland, we got a lot of bottles with Daan, Jan, Sophie and Eline. In Australia, this led to 250 million bottles of Coke sold, with only 23 million inhabitants.


A new brand strategy

Interesting to note is that the Coca-Cola company also changed their entire brand strategy, which is shown in their packaging as well. They are choosing for a One-Brand strategy. In the past, Cola Zero had a total different identity than Cola Light. With Cola Zero commercials being linked to helicopters, NASCAR and Action movies and Cola Light to Tailor Swift, it doesn’t get more polar than that. So they want to make it easier for consumers to switch between their different variants so they put everything under one umbrella. Their latest campaign is called “Taste the feeling” and revolves around simply enjoying one of the Coca-Cola drinks. From now on, there will be no separate campaigns for Cola Zero or Cola Light, but only for the entire brand of Coca-Cola.   

The new Coca-Cola bottles under the one-brand strategy

Whether this One-Brand strategy will be a success is yet to be proven. However, it is an interesting move and quite bold as well. The brand has since its inception never changed their strategy so drastically. While the soft-drink market is going through a tough time, we might explain this move by “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. On the other hand, if Coca-Cola keeps innovating their packaging like they have been doing, they at least are a step ahead of their competition. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy an Ice-Cold Coke on a hot summer day?   

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