Hooray! We finally made it into our first small vacay of the year: Careers Week. Or should I say the week in which some are desperately trying to get back on track with their studies or tracking down long lost friends, while others find it the perfect opportunity to start binge watching new series.

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However, Careers Week is about enabling FEB-students to get acquainted with the job market of today. On Wednesday I spoke with Rinke Bakker who works at the Careers Company of the RUG. Rinke gave me five tips on how you can get the most out of your resume in order to make you stand out and differentiate yourself from others:

1. Photo

You don’t have to be a supermodel or ridiculously photogenic in order to take a proper photo of yourself. Most important thing is that 1) you look into the camera and 2) your body is directed towards the camera or the text of your resume (say what?). Yes, by directing your body posture away from your resume, you might look disinterested in the things that you have done.

2.  Order

Often people think that the most important subject to put on top of the page is your educational background. Even though I have to admit that it’s the foundation of our knowledge, sometimes the things we have learned at work are more valuable. That is why you have to consider to put your work experience on top, followed by your education and extracurricular activities at the very end.

3. Explain and quantify what you did

‘Sales ninja’ or ‘junior marketing guru’ of the biggest online shoe shop of Groningen sounds like amazing job titles at an even more impressive company, but it says little about what you exactly did. Therefore briefly explain what you did (e.g. by using bullet points) and make use of action verbs (e.g. conducted market research, mediated various meetings of..).

4. Add a personal profile

Not to sound harsh, but chances are that people of similar studies, have done quite similar jobs. That is why adding a personal profile in which you explain your interests and reason behind these interests could help telling your future employer why you are a better fit for the job than others.

5.  Relevance

So you sold ice cream at flea markets: good for you! However, if your resume is already a few pages long and that particular job doesn’t really add anything relevant to what you want in the future, consider to leave it out. In other words: keep it short, clear and concise.

Every ‘curriculum vitae’ is obviously different, so don’t hesitate to visit the Careers Company from Tuesday up until Thursday between 11am and 2pm at the Duisenberg building, in case you have more questions.

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