Last week Shanghai was the destination of what some might say is the sexiest event of the year; the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It is questionable to call it a “fashion show” and as well as one might start the debate if this show sends out the right message about body image or not, you cannot ignore the fact that Victoria’s Secret does a hell of good job in marketing. Every year, during this time of the year people cannot wait to discover Victoria’s latest “secrets”. Even in countries such as the Netherlands, where Victoria’s Secret is not very well known as a lingerie brand, we know and talk about it (yes boys, you too). What is Victoria’s marketing secret?

The man behind Victoria’s Secret

Just in case you have never heard of Victoria’s Secret before: it is an American lingerie brand, founded in 1977. It all started with a man who did not feel comfortable buying his wife lingerie without looking like a complete fool and therefore he started his own lingerie store. Nowadays they have over 1000 stores around the world. Besides selling lingerie, they sell beauty products and a lifestyle brand called PINK. Their annual fashion show is probably their most well known marketing asset.

The show as a marketing experience

Victoria’s Secret uses well-known models as brand ambassadors, so called Victoria’s Secret Angels. Weeks (maybe even months) ahead of the show, models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima show up in your time line wearing Victoria’s Secret pieces. These models have millions of followers on social media, which creates a wide reach to target customers and of course attention for the show.

When the time is finally there the show itself is not just a regular fashion show. It is an experience through the wonders of the lingerie world. The models parade down the catwalk with extraordinary lingerie creations. One of the pieces that draws a lot of attention each year is a million dollar Fantasy Bra, decorated with diamonds. In 2000 supermodel Gisele Bündchen even earned a place in Guiness World Records with a 10 million dollar (!) bra, because it was the most expensive piece of lingerie ever created.

Besides supermodels and extraordinary pieces, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show invites widely known artists to perform during the show. Kanye West, Spice Girls and Lady Gaga have performed at the show. Due to their large fabbase, their performance draws a lot of attention.

All these factors are focussed on getting attention of a wide span of people. Victoria’s marketing secret lies within the fact that everything they do, use or create is extraordinary. This creates an experience, which makes you feel like lingerie is the only thing you'll need to wear in order to look smashing.

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