There’s no denying social media changed the game, for good. We probably all know a few Instagrammers, vloggers and Youtubers rising to stardom thanks to social media. But there’s more to social media than just FaceBook and Instagram. Have you ever thought about how your favorite music apps changed the music game? It maybe have even changed your music playlist or you might have discovered new genres you would otherwise never have looked into.

SoundCloud helped spawn a number of subgenres which would have never existed without SoundCloud. It opened the door for finding an audience all over the world who share the same love for weird subgenres you’ve probably never heard of. Sprouting new genres of electronic music such as synthwave, vaporwave and lo-fi house. But also some of today’s rappers started out on SoundCloud. Guys like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump and Bryson Tiller all started out distributing their music via SoundCloud before they got signed. But SoundCloud is also a great platform for DJs to present their sets to the world.

Spotify on the other hand is helping you discover new music in an entirely different way. Their algorithms create ready to listen to playlists in which you can find new music. But the main ingredient of this algorithm mainly depends on playlists created by other people. If two of your favorite songs appear next to a song you haven’t heard before in a playlist, Spotify will recommend this third song to you. But it doesn’t just stop there, it groups your music into clusters of micro-genres with fine-grained distinctions as “lo-fi” and “alt country”. But also being able to share playlists with your friends made it so much easier to share your exquisite taste in music with a larger audience.

Of course there are a lot more music apps or websites which helped change the way we approach music nowadays. But there is no doubt that Spotify and SoundCloud definitely had a big role in this change.