There’s a new video App in town!

It’s a great time for making  videos, and Instagram has made a huge step forward by introducing what its CEO Kevin Systrom defined as “our most exciting feature to date”: IGTV, the latest app where Instagram’s one billion users can watch long-form videos made by any creator within the community!

IGTV has been presented on Wednesday, 20th of June in  San Francisco during a bubbly and eccentric event with food served in “unexpectedly” Instagram-worthy presentations and music played by a live Dj in neon-pulsing rooms (you can watch a part of the event here)

But what exactly is IGTV?

First of all, in order to access it you can either download IGTV’s  stand alone app, or watch it from within Instagram through its own featured button that will directly send you to the newborn platform.

It has been adapted in a way that people create and watch videos the same way they use their phones: in full screen and vertical. However, the major difference with IG lies in the fact that in the new platform the content created can be up to one hour long . Although just a part of the members have been given this much time for now (indeed most users have a ten-minutes limit), in the upcoming months this restriction is going to be removed for all the IGTV members.

But that’s not all: in order to ensure  a smooth experience, IGTV will start playing as soon as the users access the platform without the need to search for the desired content, but at the same time it gives the users the possibility to choose videos across several sections (“Following”, ”Popular” etc) in a seamless way. This is a key difference from its direct competitor Youtube, as on IGTV videos are reproduced continuously while you are looking for other creations, while you are browsing the gallery, or even while you’re not doing anything.

As the traditional television, IGTV has channels as well, but the difference is that the users  themselves are the channels, and everyone can be a creator!  By following any creator on IG, their profiles  and content will be shown and ready to watch, and by uploading your own video, you will instantly be the owner of your own channel!

Which opportunities does IGTV uncover?

Although it’s still needed to see how will people be open to downloading and being active on another app, advertisers see a new opportunity in the creation of IGTV (even though it’s still not clear what is Instagram’s take on the ads on its latest platform). Experts already predict that these one-hour-long videos will be honey for youngsters as they are looking for more interesting and creative content on the social media, and brands will engage in a race to partner up with the already famous and soon-to-be-stars creators to better engage with their targets. The benefits from longer videos can range from giving the brands’ audience a deep look at their products, to building authority thanks to how-to and explanatory videos while attracting and holding people’s attention for more than a few seconds.

But one thing is for sure: the introduction of IGTV has opened a new era for videos on Instagram, and a completely new way of creating, watching and interacting with any kind of content, leading to a huge excitement in the public that sees IGTV as a new marketing monster in the Facebook eco-system!