Do you remember the day you created your Facebook profile? Probably a while ago, isn’t it? Whereas at that point in your life Facebook was extremely cool, it almost feels a bit weird to even post something nowadays. It seems like there are two groups of users left: young adults who “tag” their friends in (un)funny memes …and your aunt Carol who posts pictures of her cat and sends you glittery happy birthday GIFs.

So how come Facebook has lost its popularity, yet other social media are rising? One of the reasons is that younger users feel as if Facebook is somewhat outdated. Youngsters explain that Facebook is not “their” social media anymore due to the rise of relatively new, more trendy platforms. Features such as Instagram stories or crazy Snapchat filters are more and more preferred over a ‘simple’ Facebook status-update. Also, remember the Facebook privacy scandal? People were angry and the scandal raised questions about Facebook being able to protect personal details. All in all, not a great way of encouraging trust among your users.

Let’s talk about Facebook in relation to advertising. Ever had it happening to you that you were shopping for shoes online from brand X, and minutes later you get a Facebook advertisement of that exact brand? The answer is probably yes, which can be kind of creepy. Facebook seems to be everywhere in the online world, let alone the fact that Facebook took over Whatsapp a few years ago. Supposedly, information could not be exchanged between Facebook and Whatsapp. However, it turned out that Facebook did not exactly live up to this statement, which contributed to users hesitating to creating or maintaining an account. An example: you might have had a few strange friend suggestions or requests. It turns out that if your phone number is in someone else’s phone, Facebook can copy your personal details from Whatsapp into its own database and make friend suggestions to you or show your profile to strangers. Shocking, right?

In short, Facebook is not ‘profiling’ itself very well lately. It is safe to assume that for the above reasons, many users will say goodbye to their account, if they did not delete it already. What kind of impact will this have on the huge social imperium? Will Facebook still exist, a few years from now? Time will tell.