It’s that time of the year again: with just one week to go we can say that it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With Christmas just around the corner, we are busy preparing the best Christmas meal your friends and family have ever had. And maybe even more important: doing extensive research on what gifts we actually want. Meanwhile, companies are busy pulling us in their shops and making money out of our blindness when it comes to the holiday season. You might (or might not) have already noticed but Christmas marketing is really booming this year and in this blog I’ll walk you through the most remarkable holiday marketing strategies.

The first company that really wants us to buy their stuff is McDonalds. They try double so hard with 2 outstanding marketing strategies. Let’s zoom in on their strategies: first we have the McDonalds digital ‘adventkalender’ or (how they call it) the ‘Gift calendar’. In December they publish a new (irresistible) offer every day, and we poor students massively hurry to the McDonalds and buy everything they have to offer. While we poor students make our way to the MacDonald’s to get more food for less money, the people that actually do have money stay home as they don’t really need the ‘cheap’ food. McDonalds thought of that and came up with something that also rich people need: Christmas socks! That’s exactly what the McDonalds marketers must have thought, so secondly they introduced the globally loved Christmas socks. This way they also make the rich people hurry to the McDonalds.

Where McDonald stops: other companies take over! Jumbo and Zalando they both try to seduce people with the ‘Christmas spirit’. Jumbo actually made a whole song about the Christmas spirit, it contains everything you can wish for at Christmas: family, delicious food, Christmas sweaters, sharing with the less wealthy, you name it and the Jumbo’s ad got it. Zalando also made their ad exactly how we all want our Christmas to be. They bring everyone together and introduce (in my opinion) the most wonderful Christmas ad ever made, everyone celebrating Christmas in harmony.

And then last but not least: Heineken. They also really understand what we all want for Christmas: back at it again with the Christmas socks. They know that when we have to make hard decision on what kind of beer we want, our choice gets a lot easier when one type of beer comes with Christmas socks. So exactly the Christmas socks is what Heineken provides when you buy their beer. With that, not only our choice gets a lot easier, we also actually want to buy more beer, because for now: more beer means more socks.

In conclusion, a lot of companies really know what we want for Christmas. And know how to (unconsciously) make us want to buy their stuff and in return for that we get the Christmas (treat) we want. A Christmas with snow, Christmas sweaters, the Christmas spirit, being together and the most important thing, Christmas socks. And for everyone that took the time to read this blog: Merry Christmas!