You still watch tv on an actual television? Spend your time watching questionable ads? Get with the times already old person! I’ve never heard anyone talk about ‘Tv & chill’. No, no, no, this day and age is dominated by the streaming services. We can thank them for providing us with enough entertainment to make multiple incredibly boring tinder dates worthwhile. As with every profitable enterprise, competitors arise, but is this really in our favour? 

I’m all in favour of competition, however with the rise of yet another streaming service, content will be even more fragmented across services. Does this sound familiar? It seems that the fragmentation amongst streaming services has caused us to reinvent television (We’re geniuses). Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Videoland and soon Disney+ are all competing for our attention -- and money. Do we really need all of these services?

Personally I’ve been waiting to watch one of my favourite shows on Netflix, however before I could clear my backlog, the show was removed from Netflix and put on Amazon Prime. As the ‘unstoppable’ marketing student that has been taught the tricks of trade, I failed to keep a backbone and bought yet another unneeded subscription. At the end of the month, I found that even though I used only streaming services, my costs where higher compared to just watching good ol’ regular television. Well, well, well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

Honestly, streaming services do provide us with a lot of good content and saves us from those horrible dubbed television ads (seriously, stop it). Repacking content in a bingeable way with no ads might have been a rather strange and unexpected innovation, however it has proven to be a profitable one. What Netflix and other services have taught is that the annoyances that consumers experience in traditional businesses can be the roots for a profitable opportunity. Next time you’re watching Netflix, do keep the thought in mind that even though it can be costly, at least you don’t have to sit and watch a badly dubbed STD medicine commercial, which is a sure way to increase the mood of your Tinder date.