As the measures of the governments are carefully lifted up, our time in the lockdown is slowly and hopefully coming to an end. Here are some of the most notable characteristics of the pandemics. 

Things we will not miss

1. Stocking on Toilet Paper as if there is no tomorrow
At the beginning of the corona crisis, we saw masses of people buying toilet paper. The reasoning behind that was at the time that important necessities for hospitals can be allocated from supermarkets and customers can buy something to feel safe from the corona.
According to a consumer psychologist, irrational herd mentality is fueled by social media and alarmist news coverage, according to the BBC.  

2. Washing hands every time you have touched something
The coronavirus is not over yet, but being hyper-vigilant about washing your hands can be really annoying. Of course, hygiene is important, and washing your hands should definitely be more practiced and has several benefits. Research has shown that in previous outbreaks washing hands is the biggest contributor to a decrease of seasonal flu in the overall population. 

3. Social distancing
I know I am not the only person who is missing the entertainment industry. Whether it is the canceled Olympics, European cup, or simpler things such as the cinema or public gatherings. With much more liberal measures some simple things such as having a BBQ or playing Basketball are again allowed.

Things we will miss

1. So much free time
Since nearly everything was shut down for a while and we were advised to stay at home as much as possible we had an abundance of time which were normally spent on commute, waiting, or simply just going out for the sake of it. The lockdown really forced us to slow down and to become more aware of our thoughts and who we are. Some people had finally the time to try new hobbies or discovering new passions others spent the time with their loved ones etc.

2. The seemingly positive change in the world
A lot of people were surprised to hear that dolphins are back in the Mediterranean. Even though this wasn’t real it shows how people viewed the lockdown as an event, which largely stopped the destruction of our planet. Even wars are currently on hold. Due to less demand for goods, the emission of greenhouse gases was reduced to a minimum only seen a few decades before. 


3. Waking up to Online Lecture
If there is one thing I think everyone can agree on it must be definitely this. There was nothing more pleasant during the lockdown than waking up and with little to no preparation listening to a lecture or online class. In my case, I miss some form of personal interaction, but this is definitely something we should have more of. It is more efficient and saves time.