Last week, a salesman of the cancer foundation knocked at my door. Nice initiative, good intentions. However, as a poor student, this wasn’t the perfect timing since I only had 15 euros left to make it until the end of next week… While I was explaining this to the friendly man at my door, his response quite surprised me: “So you don’t care? People are dying and you just don’t care?” This pissed me off a bit. “I don’t care? Who do you think you are? You know nothing about me.” Nice move salesman, nice move. He pissed me off and I wanted him to notice that I did care. But why? Because emotions sell. It doesn’t matter whether this is through a commercial, an advertisement, a salesman at your door or in the store – emotions sell.

Everyone falls for this classic marketing tool at some point, either consciously or unconsciously. And yes, even you buy more products because of this technique. But how does it work? You can find out on Tuesday the 23rd of February at the Mind over Marketing event. Braynz, DutchmarQ and Grey Matters will link emotions, psychology and marketing. Emotions sell and they will tell you how. All of this will take place in an old water tower with an amazing view over the city. Diner is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Sit back, relax, enjoy the view, get inspired by our speakers and just have a lovely night out. See you on the 23rd!

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