Contact one of our Campus Recruiters!

Are you looking for an internship or a job? Don't hesitate to contact one of our Campus Recruiters! They can tell you all about what the MARUG has to offer you. 

Elisa Thiescheffer
Want to take a break from sitting through lectures? Or, almost finished with your studies? As campus recruiter I can help you find an internship, traineeship or job vacancy! My name is Elisa Thiescheffer and I am one of the MARUG Campus Recruiters. I am currently in the final stage of the Master Marketing Management at the RUG. Together with Florine I did the external relations for the Master Marketing Team Fall, where you may already know me from! If you’d like advice on any of the partner companies or if you have difficulty finding a job here in the Netherlands, don’t hesitate to contact us by mailing! Or, you could always come and chat at one of the MARUG socials!

Marc van Eck
After finishing your bachelor and with your master coming to an end, it might also be the end of a personal plan. What the next couple of years will look like, will probably be very vague to you right now. Do you want to find a starters position or rather a traineeship? Or are you not ready to leave your study time behind and want a part time job or internship instead? The MARUG Campus Recruiters can help you out! My name is Marc van Eck and I am one of the four Campus Recruiters that can help you find the best next step. I am currently doing the Master Marketing Intelligence and are most likely in the same spot as you are. I try to visit a lot of events and company visits to discover which companies are out there and offering interesting jobs, traineeships or internships. The MARUG has a lot of partner companies, which makes that task easier. Would you like our help in your search? Contact us by mailing to and we can search together.

Florine van Helsdingen
Your study is coming to and…. What to do next? Do you want to do an internship, a part time job or a traineeship? I can help you for sure by finding a challenging job! My name is Florine van Helsdingen and I am one of MARUG its Campus Recruiters. I am currently doing the Master Marketing Intelligence at the RUG, where you might know me from. You also might recognize me as external relations of the MMT fall committee. I had a lot of fun doing this and I have been in contact with many great companies both in the marketing management and intelligence sector. The MARUG is currently working with a lot of these and other inspiring companies. If you are interested you can always ask me about current vacancies or you can contact us by mailing!

Redmer Nijboer
Are you thinking about what comes after your study? Or do you still want to extend your study period by being an intern? These types of questions are very natural once you are, like me, about to transition to working life. My name is Redmer Nijboer and I am one of the four campus recruiters for the MARUG. At the moment I am studying the MSc Marketing Intelligence and for the last couple of months I have been increasingly getting into contact with the business side of marketing, gaining some experience from which you could benefit. So if you wish to talk about your opportunities or need a helping hand in deciding what to do next in your professional career, don’t hesitate to contact me via either email ( or when you see me on campus or at one of the MARUG socials!