Graduation Internship
Online, Intelligence


Cmotions is a consulting firm specializing in the collection and analysis of data for strategic, tactical and operational marketing decisions and customer value management. Based on analytical skills, methods and techniques, we provide clients to optimize marketing and management decisions. We do this for a number of leading companies (A-labels) in The Netherlands and abroad.

We build econometric models, that ensure optimum use of the marketing mix for the right audiences. We explain and predict the behavior of the clients of our partners on the basis of hard facts. Our organization consists of about 50 highly motivated professionals who are all active in the areas of cross channel marketing, organization and data science. It is our belief that a multidisciplinary approach is the only route to success. We have an open and transparent culture. Our consultants are pragmatic, driven and focus on a hands-on approach.

The Analytics Lab

Based on the ambitions of our own employees, The Analytics Lab is the Data Science Excellence Center for data-driven professionals and anyone who wants to explore the opportunities of the digital transformation and to accelerate in this.

We help organizations to succesfully apply new types of data, new - often open source - tooling and innovative statistical techniques.
We translate the pledge into the application and outcome. Hardware is not a bottleneck. In close cooperation we determine when the test, concept or pilot is successful. Then we scale up.

The Project

As part of the project team, you will focus on forecasting methods. The aim is to forecast time series on different levels; for the next hour, days and weeks based on historical patterns, company and open source data. You will provide a framework for comparing multiple forecasting methods, where automatically the best option is chosen. Within this framework, you’ll propose how to integrate the time series in the product we provide. You are free in which forecasting methods to use (arima, var, regression, deep learning, etc.).

Forecasting is a part of a bigger project, you’ll have the chance to meet experts in the field of data science and learn about other applications like Text Mining / NLP.


  • R and Python
  • Work individual
  • English or Dutch
  • Sufficient knowledge of time series
  • You are selfmotivated and able to work in a dynamic, delivery-focused environment
  • Strong problem solving and analytical thinking skills

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