Consultancy, Intelligence



  • Company: ScanmarQED
  • Period: 4-5 months
  • Years of Experience: 0
  • Location: Houten (NL)
  • Background: future Bachelor or Master of Marketing

We are looking for an intern to join our marketing team. You will be given responsibility to optimize the international website and rank higher in Google, and you will help to build the new brand identity of the company.

Your aim is to become a specialist in Digital Marketing, more specifically Content Marketing, SEO and PPC. You know the sites and blogs where you can keep your knowledge up to date. You enjoy working in an international environment.


  • Create and distribute content
  • Improve online positions with Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEA)
  • Setting up campaigns with Google Ads and LinkedIn.
  • Tracking impact via Google Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead qualifying and CRM management


  • A Marketer to-the-bone whom enjoys working in an international environment
  • Can write compelling content pieces (in English) for newsletters, website and social media.
  • Knows or will learn how to get the most out of Social Media, with the focus on LinkedIn.
  • Is familiar with working in a CMS.
  • Knowhow of Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator is beneficial.

About ScanmarQED

ScanmarQED was born in 2016 from a merger between Scanmar and marketingQED, both Marketing Intelligence companies based in The Netherlands (Houten) and England (London).

With this, the new entity acquired several new international clients and access to new markets in the Middle East and the US. Due a major increment of the companies’ operational market size, the marketing department now needs to acquire the market intelligence and capacity in order for its Sales department to establish and maintain fruitful business relationships.

The company's marketing goals

  1. To build a sustainable, online presence in key strategic markets/countries (Branding)
  2. To initiate and optimize ongoing online marketing campaigns that support local sales managers in the lead conversion process of deals

The candidate intern gets the unique opportunity to be working in a 1-on-1 team up with the Marketing Manager to plan and execute the company online strategy for several international markets. During this startup phase, Marketing Tactics like PPC campaigns on LinkedIn and Google will be optimised. The intern - under supervision& coaching by the Marketing Manager, will play a central role in building content for new campaigns.

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