Recruitment events

The MARUG offers her students the opportunity to get in touch with a diverse selection of companies. One way is through our Recruitment Events. This year, a few Recruitment Events took place.

Dublin Inhouse Tour - November 2021

The Dublin Inhousetour offers both Dutch and international students the opportunity to visit the headquarters of leading businesses that focus on the online world. During previous editions, for example the offices of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn have been visited. During the days in Dublin, we will attend presentations of the companies that will be visited and we will be guided through their offices. Furthermore, we will get the unique opportunity to ask questions about a possible future job at one of the companies!

Recruitment Days - 6th till 8th of December 2021

The Recruitment Days is a four-day event which attracts over 600 students. During the Recruitment Days, students get the opportunity to get into contact with multiple companies in an interactive way. On the event there will be several activities in which students can participate, like cases, company presentations, workshops, individual talks, lunches en dinners. After each day the event will end with a networking social. This event is the perfect opportunity to discover the labour market, get your desired internhip or traineeship, or find your first job!


During the year, we organise several inhousedays. During inhousedays, you will get the opportunity to get to know a company better, and to see what it is like working there. When the dates of the inhousedays have been announced, you can find it at the bottom of this page.