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General information

ComMa is an event organized in cooperation with Commotie, the students’ association for Communication and Information Sciences. The event is particularly suitable for students interested in marketing as well as communication, since the objective of this event is to underline the common grounds between these two disciplines. This one-day event will include lectures and workshops with around 80 students taking part. This committee offers an ideal chance to broaden your horizons to other disciplines and to get to know people from other faculties.The ComMa Conference 2018 will take place on Thursday October 11. 

The ComMa event is a unique combination of communication and marketing which makes the ComMa a very nice and relevant committee to broaden your knowledge.
- Geralda Wessels (Chairman ComMa Congres 2012)

For six months, you will be busy organizing the ComMa, which takes place in October. Together with four other students of the faculty CIW or FEB you are responsible for creating a creative theme which covers both topics: Marketing and Communication. In addition, you will spend some of your time booking lectures and workshops for this one-day event. The committee work will take up about 5 hours of your time per week. This is a Dutch-speaking committee.

  • Number of committee members: 5
  • Period: March - October
  • Applicatin deadline: February 28
  • Language: Both Dutch and English speaking students
  • Workload: 6 hours per week

The ComMa is a great comittee in which you can be active within two study associations at once. I would absolutely recommend the committee to everyone!
- Arlina Bergwerff (External Relations ComMa Conference 2012)

After 6 months, you will have gotten to know the MARUG as well as Commotie. You will have organized a small conference for bachelor students and learned to deal with responsibilities related to your own function. 


At the ComMa you have the possibility to do the following functions: 

As chairman, you are in close contact with the MARUG Board. You will check that all members of the committee carry out their tasks well, in order to achieve a good result. Also, it is important that from the very beginning every committee member knows exactly what is expected of him/her. Furthermore, the chairman carries out a number of operational tasks, like e.g. planning  meetings with the committee. Of course, it is important there is a good atmosphere within the committee, with motivated committee-members. In summary, the chairman is responsible for the general direction and planning of the event.

External relations & treasurer
The most important task of external relations is the acquisition of main- and sub sponsors. The ‘externals’ will be in  close contact with companies and are also responsible for contractual agreements. External relations people are often very energetic and verbally very strong. This function can be very time-consuming, depending on how good you are at convincing companies of the value of your event!
As a treasurer, you manage the financial administration. Also, you set the budget and estimate expected costs.

Theme and Speakers
In this function, you determine the theme of the event. The theme will set the tone of the promotion for the event as well as the event itself. On the basis of the theme, you will select potential speakers. You will be in close contact with them and find a suitable time slots for their lectures.

PR & Promotion
The ‘PR & Promotion’ functionary works together with the ‘Theme & Speakers’ to create the logo and slogan. In this function you can express your creativity. In cooperation with the rest of the committee, the ‘PR & Promotion’ defines the strategy  about how the event will be promoted to students. He/she will be in close contact with the designer and  printer of the posters, flyers and brochures.

Day Organization
The tasks of the  ‘Day Organization’ include everything related to the conference day itself e.g.  the location of the event, price negotiations, lunch and the style of the location. Also, the ‘Day Organization’ will write the conference day script which consists of everything that needs to be done on the day. In short, the ‘Day Organization’ will ensure that on the day itself everything  is under control and runs smoothly.
The ‘day organization’ function  includes the secretary function  as well. This means that you will take minutes of the meetings and send these to your committee and the boards.

ComMa Conference Committee

Chairman: Denise Pizzimenti
External Relations & Treasurer: Romy Elshof
Theme & Speakers: Anna van Prooijen
Day Organisation: Avin Ghafor
PR & Promotion: Esmée Stofbergen

F.l.t.r. Avin, Esmée, Denise, Romy, Anna


For more information about the ComMa committee or about other committees, you can contact Julia Weekenstroo. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.