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General information

The MARUG Commercial Night is an event that focuses on International students, but is also accessible for Dutch students. The Commercial Night is an event that is mostly about online advertising and television commercials: marketing in its most basic form. The Commercial Night will consist of several lectures and an open discussion related to the theme of the night, all presented in a multimedia setting. In between lectures there is a dinner and we end the evening with a social.

The aim of the event is to inform students about changes and developments in television and online advertising, recent trends and psychological triggers. It is not needless to mention that companies will provide interesting insight into their own branding methods as well as challenges. This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from the business world.  Participants are welcome to engage in an interactive discussion with the lecturers and ask questions. 

This years' theme is: To skip or not to skip? - The five seconds challenge. 


As a member of the Commercial Night! Committee you organize, with three other enthusiastic students, an evening consisting of lectures and entertainment related to online advertising and television commercials. Your committee will consist of Dutch as well as international students, and the event will target about 50 students. It gives you the opportunity to give International students an deeper insight into the world of Marketing. This is an English-speaking committee, only the position Theme & Speakers is only open for Dutch speaking students.

  • Number of committee members: 4
  • Period: November - April
  • Application deadline: 16 November
  • Language: Dutch as well as international students
  • Workload: 6 hours per week


As chairman you maintain contacts with the MARUG Board. You will be responsible for coordinating, motivating and supporting the team during the entire journey to the event. Therefore it is important that each committee member knows exactly what is expected of him or her. Furthermore, also a number of operational issues fall under this function, such as scheduling meetings with the whole committee and arranging all kinds of extra matters. Besides that it is important that there is a good atmosphere within the committee. Finally, are you the one a general plan and a subsequent making plans and you are also responsible for monitoring its progress.

Dayorganization & Treasurer
The task associated with the function dayorganization (DO) is arranging all the tasks associated with the day when the event takes place. This includes arranging the location, maintain contacts with this location and negotiate prices, catering and decoration. It is also intended that you put together a plan which indicates to the detail what happens when and what individuals would be needed for. Also plans have to be made for the participating companies. Besides these issues, there are several other responsibilities that you will have to deal with, such as providing the right equipment and taking care of the catering.
The function treasurer of course is to maintain the administration, but also to establish the budget, check and keep up-to-date. Furthermore, the treasurer must take financial responsibility for the MARUG administration and should regulate these subsidies.

Theme & Speakers
The position theme and lectures means that you determine the theme of the day and develop it. If the theme is established, you get started with accessing appropriate speakers. You maintain contact with them and work with them to an appropriate interpretation of the lecture. When the content of all the speakers is known, it is time to determine the structure of the day and the daily schedule. Furthermore, you are also responsible for taking minutes during meetings.

PR & Promotion
The PR & Promotion, along with position theme and speakers, is responsible for the design of the logo and slogan for the event. PR is a postion where you can explore your creativity. In consultation with the rest of the committee you should compose a policy about what you want to rediate and how you want to do this. Think of posters, advertisements and flyers.

Commercial Night Committee 2018

The Commercial Night committee of 2018 consists of:

Chairman: Floyd van den Berg
Theme & Speakers: Sharen Baijense
Day Organisation & Treasurer: Laura Gheorghe
PR & Promotion: Marcia Rottwitt

F.l.t.r.: Marcia, Floyd, Sharen, Laura


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Julia Weekenstroo. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.