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General information

The MARUG Marketing Conference is the largest student marketing conference in the Netherlands. Each year, about 500 students and business participants visit the event. Lectures and workshops related to the theme will take place during the event. Themes like "Contagious Content", "The Cloud of Connections", "The Jungle of Data" "Marketing 2020" and “Co-Creation" came by previous years.

The Day Organisation of the MARUG Marketing Conference is a challenging committee in which you work together in a big group, but also carry responsibility towards the organisation of the largest event of the MARUG. So, a great opportunity to develop yourself next to your study program and to make new friends. I can highly recommend it!
~Siri de Ruiter (Conference Day Organisation 2015-2016)

As member of the Conference Day Organisation you will deliver an important contribution to the last months of preparation for the MARUG Conference. You will help the Conference Board with the organization but you are also allowed to bring in your own input and new ideas. You will take care of the promotion week, the sponsoring and you will take care of the location. At the day itself, the members of the Day Organisation and the Conference Board will make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

  4 committee members
  only Dutch speaking students
  application deadline: 8 October 2021 
  period October - March
  workload 6 hours per week


This function is one of the most diverse positions in this committee. You are responsible for taking care of matters, such as a hotel for the speakers, transport at the day of the conference and a band who can play at the conference. You also will be responsible for the playground at the conference, but you get help from the function Promotion & Social media.  In short, a versatile and indispensable function within this committee!

In this position you will help with the social media policy for the MARUG Conference. You are also responsible for the promotion stunt and the merchandise shirt, but with the help of the other DO’ers. Thereby you will help with the Playground at the Conference together with Planning & Logistics. Next, you will be concerned about giving lecture talks and google analytics for our website. Being creative is thus an essential for this position!

In this position you will be supporting the recruitment of business participants. Your job is to draw the attention of local entrepreneurs who are interested in marketing. In this position you will also be responsible for sponsored products that will be handed out during the day and that will be handed out in goodiebags to participants. A smooth chat might be helpful. Furthermore, you will be responsible for all the prices that students can win during the promotion period. 

First of all, you will be responsible for assembling the movies that will be shown during the Conference. There needs to be a short movie about every speaker when they make their introduction on the stage. You are also responsible for making a technical roadmap. This is a roadmap with a time schedule when the lights, sounds and movies need to be on during the conference. So knowledge about technical skills is a preference!

Conference Day Organisation

The committee of 2021-2022 consists of:

Acquisition: Jesse Nieuwenhuizen
Media: Marly Olsthoorn
Promotion: Ivar Jongschaap
Logistics: Robbin Visser

f.l.t.r.: Robbin, Ivar, Jesse, Marly


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply right away! Send your CV and motivational letter including two functions of preference to! Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.

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