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General information

The MARUG Marketing Conference is the largest student marketing conference in the Netherlands. Annually, about 500 students and business participants visit the event. Lectures and workshops related to the theme will take place during the event. Theme’s like "The Cloud of Connections", "The Jungle of Data""Marketing 2020" and “Co-Creation came by previous years.

The Day Organisation of the MARUG Marketing Conference is a challenging committee in which you work together in a big group, but also carry responsibility towards the organisation of the largest event of the MARUG. So, a great opportunity to develop yourself next to your study program and to make new friends. I can highly recommend it!
~Siri de Ruiter (Conference Day Organisation 2015-2016)


As Day Organisation you deliver the most important contribution to the last months of prepartion for the MARUG Conference. You help the Conference Board with the organisation but are also allowed to bring in your own input and new ideas. You will take care of the promotion week, the sponsoring of companies and will take care of the the location. At the day itself, the Day Organisation is responsible for the conference together with the Conference Board. 

  • Number of committee members: 4
  • Period: September-March
  • Language: Dutch-speaking students only
  • Workload: 6 hours per week


In this function you will be responsible for productsponsoring for the day and in the goodie bag. At the end of the day, participants will get a well-stocked goodie bag of which you are responsible! Many companies will have to be approached, so easy conversation will come in handy. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the prices that can be won during the promotion period.

The functionary Promotion is responsible for social media policies MARUG Marketing Conference. So you will set up a policy for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You are also responsible for the promotion stunt at Zernike. The planning of flyer moments and lecture talks are also examples of tasks of the promotion function. Creativity is thus an essential for this function.

As the Acquisition functionary you will be supporting the recruitment of business participants. Recruiting business participants is a very important function and it is therefore important that you have some perseverance and sales skills. Your job is draw attention of local entrepreneurs and those interested in marketing for the Conference. This in collaboration with the Dagorganisation of the Conference Board. You are also responsible for the awareness of the Marketing Pitch among students, the part of the Conference in which talented students will elaborate a prior case.

Media, Technique & Organization
Media, Technique & Organization is a very nice and different function of the committee. First of all, you will be responsible for assembling the movies that will be played in the rise of the speakers and for making a technical roadmap. The decoration of the stage also falls under your responsibility together with finding a photographer that will capture all the highlights of the day. Furthermore, you are also responsible for controlling things like a hotel for speakers, cars and the presence of first aid. In short, a versatile and indispensable function within the Dayorganisation!

Conference Day Organisation

The committee of 2018 consisted of:

Product sponsoring: Merinde van de Ven
Media, Technique and Organisation:  Evi Gorter
Promotion: Whitney Raskeyn
Acquisition: Jules Angenent

F.l.t.r.: Merinde, Jules, Whitney, Evi


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Julia Weekenstroo. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.