The University of Groningen is becoming more international every year. To support the internationalisation, the MARUG has changed into an international study association. It is quite a big step to leave your foreign country and move to the Netherlands. The culture, university and people are sometimes very different from the country you lived in. The MARUG tries to help international students to guide them through these difficulties and make international students fully integrate in de Dutch culture and of course in Groningen! 

Because many international students are not familiar with study associations, its goals and events, we introduced two International Ambassadors. The International Ambassadors are active members of the MARUG, so they are able to tell every inside about our association to international students. They will emphasize the value of becoming a member of the MARUG, as well as attanding events and joining a committee. We believe that international students can develop themselves professionally and on a social level, just like Dutch students.

Our International Ambassadors are always willing to give you advise about your studies, Groningen and of course the MARUG.Watch the video below to see the MARUG experience of our current International Ambassadors, Johann and Louise.

Except from this video, our International Ambassadors also wrote a short text about who they are and what they do as International Ambassadors of the MARUG: 

Hi everybody,

As the international ambassadors of the MARUG, we felt like a small introduction was in order, where we’ll give you an idea of who we are, what we do and how it feels like to be an active member at the MARUG. So let’s start with whom we are. First up we have Johann, 26 years old and from beautiful Hamburg, Germany, and then Louise, 24 years old from Gothenburg, Sweden. Together we are the international ambassadors at the MARUG, whose task it is to represent the MARUG towards the international students in Groningen.

Johann’s Groningen adventure began in September 2016 with starting the Pre-MSc Marketing. He quickly noticed the huge amount of study associations and that it is very common to be active and involved next to your studies. As the MARUG is the only one who is really focusing on marketing, he chose to apply for one of the committees, which is open to international students. After a short application process, he had the honour to organize the Commercial Night 2017 together with the two dutchies Jeroen and Joost and Pizza-specialist Nicolo from Italy. It´s a great opportunity and experience to watch and learn how a small idea at the beginning evolves throughout the time to an amazing event, which enables other students from different study fields to get a look outside the research-based university and behind the scenes of interesting companies acting in the world of marketing. Furthermore, it is a great chance to get some variety in your study life! 

Louise’s Groningen journey started in February 2016, when she began the double track Master Marketing. Like Johann, she also wanted to get involved in a committee and association that welcome international students, and combine that with an interst in marketing, and the MARUG became the obvious choice! During the spring semester 2017, she has been the chair(wo)man of the Master Marketing Team, working with organizing events and socials for Master Marketing students together with the dutchies Sterre, Nick and Dion. Joining a committee which is organizing several events is a good opportunity to constantly develop and improve, and it is interesting to see how the work within the group becomes more efficient the more work you do. It also gives you experience, involves you in the Dutch student life, and it is great for your resume. 

But being an active member at the MARUG doesn’t only mean that you have to spend time organizing stuff – it’s much more than that! As an active member you get to know so many Dutch as well as international students, who all have one thing in common – the interest in marketing. This little aspect also makes it very easy to get in contact with other members, whilst the numerous MARUG events allow you to have a great time with each other! Whether you listen to experienced Marketing directors during the MARUG conference, shine as the greatest marketing talent of Groningen during the Battle of Marketeers or enjoy one, two or eight beers at the monthly social – we promise, you won’t get bored! 

As the international ambassadors, we try to bring exactly this idea of being active at the MARUG closer to, not exclusively, but especially the international students. As already mentioned, being involved and active next to your studies is very usual in Groningen – and there is a reason for it. Our task in this case is to communicate and inform students of those reasons and accompanied benefits. On the one hand we do this through content, which is mostly shared through social media and on the other hand, by offering a contact point for everybody who is interested and/or has a question. 

If you already thought about getting involved next to your studies and becoming active, this is the point of time where you should go to and check out your possibilities! Furthermore, if you have any questions you can always contact us via the MARUG board. 

Best and see you at the MARUG! 
Johann & Louise

Johann & Louise