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General information

The MARUG International Marketing Experience offers Dutch and international students the opportunity to visit marketing related companies in a city in Europe. On your trip you’ll be accompanied by 30 fellow students, with whom you will visit international companies and get a view on the differences with businessculture in the Netherlands. Several companies will have business-cases for us to solve, so the trip will have an interactive program. Also there will be enough opportunity to get a closer look of the city and visit the cultural highlights that the city has to offer.

To be well prepared for this trip we offer a program in the weeks before the trip takes place. Several companies will give us lectures to get a better in-depth view of the theme or there will be a social following each lecture to get to know your fellow participants. There are no extra assignments or research bound to the preparatory program, you are only expected to be actively present during the Monday evenings. 

"The International Marketing Experience is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with interesting companies, to experience another culture, and have a great trip in an awesome city in Europe!"- Merel Husken (Chairman IME 2018-2019)

The past couple of years IME visited Budapest, Rome, Madrid, Bucharest, Istanbul, Prague, Barcelona, Vienna and Lisbon.

Being part of the IME committee you start the preparations 7 months before this journey. Together with the MARUG board the committee is responsible for the selection of the destination, after which the committee will organize the trip and the preparatory program. Responsibilities include contacting foreign companies for company visits, Dutch companies for the preparatory track, and planning leisure activities in the city. 

After the committee period you have organized an amazing trip for +/- 30 students. You have visited a beautiful city in Europe and have gained lots of insights in marketing and cultural differences. You have learned to organize an event in a team and have gained valuable insights next to your studies, which will positively influence your resume. 

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  5 committee members
  open for international students
  application deadline: 1 October 2021 
  period October - May
  workload 10-12 hours per week



The Chairman is the person who keeps in touch with the MARUG board continuously. You are responsible for coordinating, motivating and supporting the team during the whole committee period. Hence, it is important that every team member knows what is expected of him/her. Additionally, as the chairman you schedule meetings and arrange secondary issues. Most of all, it is important that the atmosphere in the team is good and that there is a general idea of how to get things done. Being the chairman you continuously keep track of these processes.

External Relations
The main task of the external relations officer is approaching companies and convincing them to support the IME. The external relations officer is the contact person for all companies. Important is to keep in mind that contracts have to be respected. This function means a lot of contact with firms, in which verbal skills and perseverance are essential. In this function you will have a lot of contact with the External Relations Officer of the MARUG Board, who can advise you on what companies to approach and how to do this. This function might be requesting a lot of your time, as it is a challenge to convince companies of the value of the IME.

Theme & Speakers
The function of theme & speakers entails deciding the overall theme of the project. Once the theme is established you start contacting appropriate speakers for the preparatory track. You keep in touch with these speakers and discuss the content of the lectures.

PR & Promotion
The function of PR & Promotion is excellent for developing your creative spirit. First, you discuss a policy on what to express to the outside world with the rest of the committee. Next, you start developing ideas on how to do this in an suitable manner. Together with the theme & speakers officer, you will discuss how to implement the theme in the logo and slogan. You are responsible for the social media, posters and flyers.

Week Organisation
In the function of week organisation you are responsible for arranging all issues during the time at the destination. Tasks include booking flights and hotel, creating a detailed week schedule for the committee members and companies, and taking care of the catering.   

International Marketing Experience Committee 2021-2022

The IME committee of 2021-2022 consists of:

Chairman: Daniëlle Bouma
External relations: Anne-Linde van Cooten
Theme & Speakers: Nynke Blokland 
Week organisation: Emma Boer
PR & Promotion: Tara Valks

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Emma, Daniëlle, Anne-Linde, Nynke, Tara


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact An de Lang. Or apply right away! Send your CV and motivational letter including two functions of preference to! Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.

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