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General information

The Marketing Consultancy Group (MCG) is a brand new initiative of the MARUG that fills the gap between students looking for practical, hands-on experience and companies looking for insights from talented students. Companies will provide a group of students in the final phase of their studies with a business case that has to be solved. In that manner, you will get an insight in what is really going on in the marketing field, get in close contact with a well-established marketing company and develop your hands-on marketing skills in a fun way. Companies are very excited to involve students in their marketing business and strategy and the MCG is a great boost for your cv! Every year the MARUG will form two Marketing Consultancy Groups, each with their own project. One will be recruited in the first semester and one in the second semester which means that you can apply for the MCG whenever it suits you best! The first MCG has already finished their project and we are currently looking for motivated students who are willing to tackle the brand new marketing case of a great marketing company during the second MCG! 

So are you proactive and willing to solve a real business case, taking one step further to your future career? Then become a student marketing consultant and apply for the MCG!

  4-6 committee members
  open for international students
  application deadline MCG: 18 September 2020
  period: twice a year for 3 to 4 months
  workload 6 hours per week


"We help maritime companies innovate with guaranteed positive return offering innovation services and co-innovation programs."

We believe the process of innovation is manageable and return of investment is predictable. Developing new technologies and business models is inevitable for maritime companies to survive with current trends as digitization, autonomous shipping and connectivity at their breakthrough. We help maritime companies effectively invest in innovation through co-innovation with the right team, the perfect partners, proven methodologies and hands-on mentality. The result: new maritime products and services with positive return of investment for a future proof maritime business. guaranteed!

The project: Marinminds Co-Innovation Program: Cross Maritime Marketing:

One Reason: Increase average revenue per (shared) customer.
Customers attending a particular maritime event, say a sailing regatta, could be interested in renting a sailing boat the next year, and after renting for a couples of years they might want to own and buy a ship them self. Based on this customer journey partnering companies within this program recognize the chances of cross- and upselling their product and services between companies and even sectors.

Scope: Digital marketing strategy
Besides offline and often similar marketing channels the program partners already individually leverage various digital channels such as social media, email, and websites. Could a cooperative digital strategy lead to more overall spending of current and prospective customers within the group of partners?

Team: Launching Customer Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts
We managed to bring a well mixed group of participants together in this program with researchers and students able to discover radical, new insights; active collaborators from potential launching customers and product experts both in the field of digital marketing and maritime sales, keeping an eye on feasibility and product-market fit.

The challenge:
Developing a digital marketing strategy for a consortium of maritime companies whereby these individual companies are relieved of their (online) marketing issues and make better use of the shared target group. (upselling and cross-selling between companies). In a combination of offline, online and apps.

Expected Results:

  • A detailed marketing strategy, taking into account: customer privacy, shared / non-part customer base, GDPR
  • A clear proposition for the participating companies (whats in it for them)
  • A (simplified) business model between companies (who pays what, to whom, when?)
  • A plan that can be implemented: including advice on CRM, which modalities (website, app, social media etc.)


Previous MCG partners

The first Marketing Consultancy Group consisted of six motivated students who solved a real marketing case for a big client of the marketing agency iProspect.

iProspect is a global, award-winning marketing agency that drives digital performance for many of the world’s largest brands. A trusted partner with an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, iProspect reshapes brand strategies to meet the fast-paced demands of the convergent world with a focus on exceeding the client’s business objectives. 

Partnering with clients such as adidas, Diageo, Hilton, Burberry, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Gucci, and Microsoft, iProspect has been named the “Best Agency for Performance Marketing” by iMedia, and represents more retailers on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 List than any other agency.
iProspect is the first truly global digital performance marketing agency, with 4,200+ employees in 91 offices across 55 countries. 

The second Marketing Consultancy Group worked hard on solving a marketing case for a big client of the digital marketing agency Harvest Digital.

We have the experience and knowledge and always bring our A-game. We are flexible, creative and we are here to make an impact. We base our insights on results. By creating in-depth insight into the customer and with operational expertise, we develop practically feasible plans. We measure, investigate and predict success. With obtained insights we optimize existing processes and we repeat our "way of work". The goal is to guide our customers towards rapid and sustainable growth with the help of strategy, data & technology. Fast, but always responsible.

Harvest Digital is a reliable and innovative partner that helps companies to identify and exploit growth opportunities. Together we create fast and sustainable growth by using data science, analytics, marketing technology and automation.

The MCG consisted of: 

  • Mark van Dijl
  • Wouter Venema
  • Mark Slump
  • Tom Baltussen
  • Florian Klatt 
  • Wyste Douma

F.l.t.r. Tom, Mark, Florian, Mark, Wouter, Wytse


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Sara Lindholm. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.

Or apply right away! Send your CV and motivational letter to!