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General information

The MARUG Marketing Conference is the largest student marketing conference in the Netherlands. Annually, about 500 students and business participants visit the event. Lectures and workshops related to the theme will take place during the event. Theme’s like "The Cloud of Connections", "The Jungle of Data", "Marketing 2020",  “Co-Creation" and "Authenticiteit" came by previous years. This year's theme is: "Contagious Content: Stand out from the Crowd!" For more information, see the MARUG Conference website


As a Conference Board member, you will be organising the Conference for almost a whole year. Hereby, you will gain professional knowledge about event management, and you will get in touch with interesting companies. The topicality, quality, and professionality creates the uniqueness of the MARUG Conference, and it is of importance to maintain this consistency. The Conference board is working on the organisation for about 20-25 hours per week. Nevertheless, it differs per function and per week how many hours you need to fulfill the tasks. In the final two months you will spend some extra time on the final organisation. This a Dutch-speaking board.

Organising the MARUG Conference is a great opportunity to develop yourself in different ways. You will gain professional knowledge about event management, and besides that you will get in touch with successful companies and their marketing departments.

  • Number of board members: 6
  • Period: June - March
  • Language: Dutch-speaking students only
  • Workload: parttime, about 25 hours per week


The chairman of the Conference board keeps an overview of all board members. You are responsible for the coordination, motivation, and personal support of the team during the entire organisation. Therefore, it is important that everyone has a clear understanding of their personal functions. Besides that, the chairman is responsible for operational matters such as planning the meetings and regulating various other additional tasks that are of importance for the whole board.

Commercial Relations I
The main responsibility of the commercial relations functionary is to recruit main- and subsponsors. All contacts with various companies are in hands of the commercial functionary, and it is of great importance that all contractual agreements are met. As you are in touch with companies on a daily basis, it is of importance that you posses commercial skills and perseverance. The commercial relations functionary of the MARUG board will help you with tips and tricks in order to get an overview of all potential companies. It is a great challenge to convince companies for your event, and it can be therefore very time-consuming during some periods of time. 

Commercial Relations II & Treasurer
As a treasurer you will be mainly responsible for drawing up the budget and bookkeeping. Furthermore, you present your financial developments to the MARUG board, you make sure all financial administrations are on track and you will be responsible for various subsidies. Next to that, you will be responsible to help the commercial relations functionary whenever you can. 

Theme and Speakers & Secretary
As the theme and speakers functionary, you will be responsible for the final theme and you will make sure this is a current topic of interest. Once the choice is made, you will actively start with approaching potential speakers. You will stay in touch with these speakers to create an appropriate presentation. Thereafter, you will make a planning for all speakers on the Conference. 
As the secretary you will form the Recommendation Committee and the Advisory Committee, and you will coordinate these committees. Furthermore, you will collect advertisements and you take care of all business participants. Besides that, you will take minutes during all meetings, send mailings and manage the directory.

PR & Promotion
Together with the theme functionary, you will design a logo and come up with a slogan for the Conference. One of the main characteristics of this function is that you need to be very creative. It comes in handy to be skilled with Adobe photoshop and InDesign. You design the website, posters, advertisements and flyers. Besides that you keep in touch with the printer. 

Day Organisation
As the day organisation functionary, you will be responsible for the negotiation with Martiniplaza, the location of the MARUG Conference. You negotiate about the prices, lunch/beverages, stage setting, etc. During the big day, you will be responsible for the whole planning. Therefore, you will design the script for the Conference board, the Day Organisation committee, and the MARUG board, to describe every task in detail. 
Moreover, you will compose the Day Organisation committee, together with the Internal Relations functionary from the MARUG board.

The Day Organisation committee has the following functions: 

  • PR & Promotion
  • Catering
  • Logistics & technique
  • Acquisition

Current Board

The Conference Board 2017-2018 consists of:

Chairman: Christel Overmars
Commercial Relations: Ibrahim Barbery
Treasurer & Commercial Relations 2: Bram Huiskes
Theme, Speakers, and Secretary: Frederique Baurichter
PR & Promotion: Senne Aarssen
Chairman Day Organisation: Daniek Verdonk

F.l.t.r.: Daniek, Senne, Frederique, Ibrahim, Christel, Bram


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Britt Piket. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.