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General information

The Master Marketing Team (MMT) consists of two half-yearly committees: MMT Fall and MMT Spring. The committees consist of MSc Marketing students who organize events for their fellow MSc Marketing students.

The purpose of the events is to introduce students with the dynamic world of marketing and to give them an idea what a marketing career is like. Two of the events consist of lectures and workshops given by big marketing companies. The other event consist of a one-day Inhousetour through the Netherlands. The last few years have shown that both students and companies are interested in the MMT.

Because of the busy lives of MSc Marketing students the events will be of one day maximum. As part of the MMT you will organize one or two events and be responsible for an interesting, creative and inspiring day.

The other important task of the MMT is that you will be the voice of the MSc Marketing students. You will be responsible for the communication between the MSc Marketing students and the Marketing department. The chairman will represent the MSc Marketing students during meetings with the Marketing department. During these meetings, the courses, exams or other study related topics will be discussed.

As already mentioned above you will organize two events especially for MSc Marketing Students. You will approach companies for sponsoring and workshops. Furthermore you will work together with the MARUG board. And of course you will be in close contact with the marketing department. This is an English-speaking committee. 

MMT Fall is responsible for the organization of the following two events:

Master Career Day
MARUG Management Tour

MMT Spring will organize the following events:  

Master Intelligence Event

At the end of your committee period you will have organized interesting events, you have had close contact with other MSc Marketing students and companies and you will have developed your competencies. This committee is of valuable contribution to your study time and cv.

  • Number of committee members: 5
  • Language: both Dutch and English speaking students
  • Application deadline MMT Spring: 14 November (chairman), 28 November (other functions)
  • Period MMT Spring: November - June
  • Application deadline MMT Fall: May
  • Period MMT Fall: May - December
  • Workload: 10 hours per week


As chairman you are the contact person of the committee for the MARUG Board, the university and the Marketing department. You will coordinate, motivate and support the team during the committee period. Another important task for the chairman is  to prepare, plan and lead the committee meetings. Furthermore you will attend the departments meetings together with the chairman of the MARUG Board. In these meetings MSc marketing issues will be discussed. Next to this you will be responsible for the overall deadlines and controlling this. And of course you are responsible for a good and motivated spirit of the committee.

External Relations I
This function is for Dutch-speaking students only as the contact with the companies must be in Dutch.

External Relations II
This function is for Dutch-speaking students only as the contact with the companies must be in Dutch.

PR & Promotion
As PR & promotion functionary you are responsible for the promotion of the events organized by MMT. This consists of managing the social media but also includes answering questions from the students. Furthermore you will also design the flyers and posters and organizing the college talks.  

Day Organisation & Treasurer
As day organisation and treasurer you have two tasks. The task of the day organization is to organize the whole day, from location to arranging a lunch. You are also responsible for composing the script of the day. In this script the task of every member including the companies’ speakers and the timing of the day.  Your second task is treasurer. As a treasurer you are responsible for the controlling the account and the budget of the day. 

Current Committee

MARUG Master Marketing Team Spring

Chairman: Amelie Schuler
External relations: Faber de Groot
PR & Promotion: Aniek Groenwold
Day Organisation and Treasurer: Jessica de Vries

F.l.t.r.: Faber, Amelie, Aniek, Jessica



For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Julia Weekenstroo. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.