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General information

The Media Team is a committee with on average 8 committee members that focus on multimedia aspects. The Media Team writes blogs, interviews interesting business professionals, makes the most creative specials, films at MARUG events and every half year they organize a themeweek, during which every day a theme related blog/special/interview is posted. The committee consists of bloggers/designers, interviewers and editors. The committee offers students who are interested in journalism and marketing the opportunity to develop their creative skills. In addition, the Media Team is responsible for the weekly DilemMARUG and there's one chef analytics. 

"The Media Team offers students who are interested in journalism and/or marketing a chance to develop their writing skills and to edit their own videos."
- Dick van Veldhuizen (former member Media Team and Chairman MARUG Board 2012-2013) 

The bloggers are responsible for the weekly blogs. The blogs are written from actual, substantive, scientific or informal marketing perspective. The bloggers are not only responsible for the content of the blogs, also the design of the blogs is their responsibility.

The interviewers are part of the bloggers, but focus on interviews with business professionals and other interesting people in the marketing world. Communication and planning skills are really important here.

Chef Special
The chef special is responsible for the planning and content of the monthly specials. This allows the chef special to work closely with the editors to make the best and most creative specials.

The editors are responsible for the filming and editing of the specials. In addition, the editors engage in the video and photo coverage of the MARUG events.

There is always room for own ideas at the Media Team. If you have a great idea for a special or blog, we can work something out. The current Media Team is for example responsible for the DilemMARUG and they have a chef who is responsible for the analytics of the content. As you can see the committee gives you plenty of space to develop yourself in writing, filming, shooting and editing. By writing articles or designing material you will have a lot of experience after your committee time at the Media Team on journalism and multimedia area. You'll get feedback from your fellow committee members which will lift the Media Team to a professional level.

  +/- 8 committee members
  open for international students
  application deadline: 15 October 2021
  period: October - June
  workload 5 hours per week

Current Media Team

Michiel van Eldik

Committee Members:
Optimist Engbi 
Sara Barisone 
Tynke Broekens 
Jildou Speerstra
Amina Weber
Shreyah Pooranan


For more information about this committee or about other committees, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply right away! Send your CV and motivational letter to! Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.

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