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General information

The National Marketing Battle (in Dutch: Nationale Marketing Strijd) is the largest Dutch recruiting event for academic students in the field of Marketing. The event is focused on students from various Dutch universities who are in the final phase of their studies and who are interested in marketing. During this event, you will get to know several well-known firms by the means of several activities such as inhouse days, challenging cases, interesting workshops, speed dates, recruitment lunches and dinners and network socials. For more information check out this page and their website
Note: this event is for Dutch-speaking students only. 

The National Marketing Battle is an initiative of the Marketing Associatie Nederland (M.A.N.), an overarching consultative body of five marketing associations in the Netherlands. The organization of the National Marketing Battle rotates between the affiliated associations: Tilburg (Asset|Marketing), Maastricht (Scope|3MA), Amsterdam (MAA), Rotterdam (MAEUR) and Groningen (MARUG). The National Marketing Battle 2019 will be organized by a board from Groningen. 

The National Marketing Battle Board consists of six students who dedicate almost a whole year to the organization of this multi-day event. As a member of this board, you will be working on this event for a couple of hours every day, resulting in an average of 20 to 25 hours per week. The workload of each function differs throughout the year. 

During your board year, you will gain a lot of hands-on experience in organizing a national event, you will develop yourself personally and you will be building your future. Next to that, you will be in touch with companies, marketing associations in several student cities and of course fellow students on a daily basis. This will increase your professional network significantly. 

  6 board members
  only Dutch speaking students
  recruitment period: April 2019 (chairman) and May 2019 (other positions)
  period June - February
  workload part-time, about 25 hours per week

Note: The National Marketing Battle board of 2020 will not be recruited in Groningen but at another association of the M.A.N.



As the chairman, you are in contact with the supervisory board, which consists of members of the MARUG Board and former board members of the National Marketing Battle Board. You are responsible for coordinating, motivating and supporting your fellow board members. Therefore, it is important that everyone has a clear understanding of their personal responsibilities from the beginning onwards. Next to that, you will be responsible for operational matters, such as planning meetings and regulating various other additional tasks that are important for the whole board. Besides, it is important that there is a good atmosphere within the board. Obviously, you will be the main contact for your fellow board members. Finally, you are the one that has to draw up a plan of action, a subsequent planning and you will be responsible for keeping track of this.

Treasurer and Secretary

The treasurer is responsible for the financial administration. You will decide on the budgets, keep an overview of the balance sheet and keep track of the payments. At the start of your board year, you will establish a budget plan. Next to that, it is important to have some solid knowledge on the financial administration, so you can estimate which operational activities the board can and cannot execute. As the secretary you will be the main contact for students and you will be working on the subscriptions, the selection, the classification and the minutes of meetings. 

External Relations I and II 

As external relations your main task will be to acquire all the companies for both the inhouse days and the final phase. It is important that all the contractual agreements will be fulfilled. The external relations is the one who will be in contact with various companies. Therefore, it is necessary to possess commercial skills and perseverance. This position can be very time-consuming at given periods; it is a great challenge to approach and convince companies of the value of your event. 

Marketing Coordinator

As the marketing coordinator you will be concerned with the brand recognition and the general promotion of the National Marketing Battle among students and the press. It is important to reach as many students as possible by organizing various promotion stunts and by using several promotion channels. Collaborating with the board of other marketing associations is crucial. In this position, your creativity falls right into place. 

Day Coordinator

One of the main tasks of the Day Coordinator is to find and negotiate about an appropriate location. You will be negotiating about prices, hotel rooms, lunches, decoration and so on. Besides that, you will have to put together a detailed script which describes what will be happening at what moment and which persons are involved.

National Marketing Battle Board 2019

The National Marketing Battle Board 2019 consists of: 

Chairman: Joey Nijnens
Treasurer and Secretary: Noël Klein Gunnewiek
External Relations: Elieke Weites
External Relations: Etienne Kick
Marketing Coordinator: Evi Gorter
Day Coordinator: Pam Coffeng

F.l.t.r: Elieke, Noël, Evi, Joey, Pam and Etienne


For more information about this board or about other committees, you can contact Myrthe Boeve by e-mailing or by calling +316 20877111. Of course, you can always visit our office at the Duisenberg Building, 5414.0032.