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Active membership at the MARUG is more than developing yourself on a professional level, it is also a lot of fun! Enthusiastic active members are very important for every association. That is why the MARUG organizes several activities for active members. We have a monthly social every first Thursday of the month in 't Vaatje. Also, we have other nice activities that are described below. Next to that, every committee gets a dinner at the end of their committee year. All active members activities are organized by the Promotion and Activities Committee

MARUG Socials

Enthoustiastic active members are very important for every association. To stimulate and thank the active members, the MARUG organizes several active members activities. On top of that, every first Thursday of the month the MARUG social takes place in the ‘'t Vaatje’. During the social, new committees and themes of events will be announced. Also, you can drink beer, wine and sodas for only €0,50 until 1AM! 

Active Members Weekend

To let all active members get to know eachother, the PAC organizes an active members weekend each year. It is the a perfect opportunity to meet other committees. This year, the Active Members Weekend takes place on the 10th and 11th of November. The theme of last year is 'MARUG on tour: all around the world'. 


St. Nicholas' Eve (in Dutch: Sinterklaas evening, or 'Pakjesavond') is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on 5 December, the night before Saint Nicholas Day in the Netherlands. PACjesavond is the ‘Sinterklaas evening’ of the MARUG where Sinterklaas brings a visit to the active members. After that, we have the monthly social in 't Vaatje. Beforehand, all active members sent did-you-know-that's of other active members. A nice poem is made of these little secrets. This year, PACjesavond takes place on the 6th of December

Active Members BBQ

Every year, an Active Members Barbeque is organized by the PAC. All former and new active members will be there to flip a burger and drink some beer in the sun. This year, the active members BBQ will take place on the 24th of May 2018.

Active Members Dinner

To start the new year with a bang, the MARUG organized a yearly dinner for active members. For only a small price active members get a two-course dinner and 2 drinks. After the delicious dinner on location, we will continue the evening at the MARUG social in 't Vaatje. The Active Members Dinner will this year take place in February.