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The Dublin Inhousetour gives both Dutch and international students the opportunity to visit the headquarters of progressive businesses that focus on the online world. During the previous editions, visits have been paid to the offices of Google, Facebook & LinkedIn. For this Inhousetour, 25 students will be selected based on a resume check to take part in this trip. During the days in Dublin, there will be presentations and tours at the offices that will be visited. Furthermore, participants will get the unique opportunity to ask questions about a possible future job at one of the companies! During the other days we will be discovering the beautiful city of Dublin. The cost of the are only €250 and the Inhousetour takes place in November.

This year, the Dublin Inhousetour could not take place, due to corona measures.

Always wanted to check out the offices of a few of the largest online companies in the world? Or are you maybe even interested in a traineeship or job in Dublin? This is the unique chance to take that next step!

Dublin Inhousetour 2019

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Two years ago we took a peek inside the offices of Google, Facebook, Hubspot and Paypal. Besides these company visits, we have had plenty of time to visit the city both at daytime and at night! Participants were selected based on their CV.