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MARUG Conference 2022

On the 26th of April the MARUG Marketing Conference will take place in Martiniplaza. This day there will be speakers from different companies who will share their knowledge about marketing and how they apply marketing in their organisations. In the afternoon different workshops will be given where you can get in touch with many different companies. A lunch is included.

The theme of this year's conference is: The Power of Human Connection - get attention by giving attention. The chairman of the day is Nadia Moussaid. You may know Nadia from Op1 or Mondo at the VPRO.

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General Description

The MARUG Conference is the largest Student Marketing conference in the Netherlands. During this day, students and companies with an interest in marketing come together to exchange ideas and to study interesting problems related to marketing and the days theme. On average, around 500 students and professionals visit this large marketing conference. During the conference, there will be lectures, workshops and master classes, all related to the theme of the day. In previous years, theme's were "The Cloud of Connections", "The Jungle of Data", "Co-Creation" ,"Contagious Content" and ''Blurring Boundaries''. The MARUG Marketing Conference is organised by the Conference Board

Visit the MARUG Conference website to stay up to date about the MARUG Conference. You can reach the MARUG Conference board via 

"I think it is a great conference. In the programme, different aspects of the subject are discussed. The organization was great." - Rob Snel (Former CEO Grolsch)

Previous MARUG Conference: 2020

The MARUG Conference 2020 took place on Tuesday the 18th of February! The theme of this year's conference was: Blurring Boundaries - when new  channels blend in. 

With the ongoing digital transformation, new technologies get more integrated into our daily lives. New channels such as mobile apps, social media, smartwatches, google home, google glasses are integrated into our day to day business. Customers engage with companies in a variety of ways across platforms and they expect a smooth customer experience during the entire customer journey. Therefore, marketing strategies need to be adjusted at that same rapid phase to suit the customer demands. The biggest challenge is to connect touchpoints of each customer in such a way, that no matter which journey the customer chooses to take, the customer experience is consistent. This calls for an omnichannel marketing strategy in which the boundaries between the different channels become blurry. 

The biggest benefit that omnichannel marketing offers is to make marketing relevant not only for brands, but for the customer. Omnichannel marketing is the idea of creating one seamless message that is consistent across the different channels and platforms to provide a unique personalized customer experience. Each customer has its unique needs, uses different channels and platforms and is comfortable with different marketing approaches. The personalization that comes along with the omnichannel marketing is what the customer is looking for. To create loyalty, customers should enjoy a seamless customer experience throughout the different channels. Therefore, personalized customer engagement through the different channels is a challenge, but if successfully implemented it is one of the key strengths of a company. 

During the day several new channels such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Conversational Interfaces such as voice and chatbots, social media and the Internet of Things were discussed. Also the opportunities and challenges of blending in new channels into the existing marketing strategy was discussed, and we will dove deeper into discussions concerning the digitalization and its effect on customers. The Chairman of the Day was Gwen van Poorten, YouTuber and former presenter of BNN.