General Description || Commercial Night 2017

General Description

The Commercial Night particularly concerns online advertising and TV commercials. Several companies and lecturers are  invited to share and discuss their knowledge with an international audience. The aim of the event is to inform students about changes and developments in television and online advertising, recent trends and psychological triggers. It is not needless to mention that companies will provide interesting insight into their own branding methods as well as challenges. This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from the business world.  Participants are welcome to engage in an interactive discussion with the lecturers and ask questions. The Commercial Night is organized by the Commercial Night committee.

This year, the Commercial Night will be organized on the 2nd of May. This is an English-speaking event.

Commercial Night 2017

This year the Commercial Night will take place on the 2nd of May at De Oude Gasfabriek. Are you a student that wants to look further than his academic lectures and take a look in working fields related to marketing? This is the opportunity to get up to date with the latest marketing trends, future innovations and industry leading companies. The event will start at 16.00 and has a dinner as well as drinks included. The social will start around 21.00. 

This year’s theme is all about the “The Future of Video”. We will have interesting talks about future possibilities in advertising, technological revolutions like Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence and their influence on marketing! Our interesting speakers will make sure that the Commercial Night is interactive and insightful.

Are you ready for the future? 

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask us or send a mail to! See you there on the 2nd of May! The Commercial Night is sold out.


The chairman of the day will be Killian J. McCarthy. He is a researcher and teacher at the RUG in strategy, economics, and finance. He studied for a Bachelors in Economics in Cork (Ireland), for a Masters in Economics and Law in Utrecht (Netherlands), and for a Research Masters in Economics in Vienna (Austria). He graduated all three programmes cum laude. He wrote his PhD thesis, at the University of Groningen in 2011.

He is known by his students as enthusiastic storyteller, he knows how to be critical and keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.


First up is Tobin Nageotte from 72andSunny, one of the best European advertising agencies. He will take us into the world of advertising and explain how quickly it changes due to the technological revolution. 


The second speaker, Stefan Vogelzang, identity Chief of Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist VIEMR, will introduce us to the “Virtual World” and explore the possibilities of VR and AR in marketing and advertising campaigns.


Last but not least, former member of the Commercial Night Committee 2015 and consultant at Omni-channel expert Oxyma, Christian Seidl will explain how Artificial Intelligence changes the world of advertising and show what is possible in the future.