General Description || Germany Inhousetour 2018

The MARUG Germany Inhousetour is an exclusive event for MSc Marketing students who are interested in gaining attractive insights from international operating companies. The costs for the four-day trip will be €150. Subscriptions will close April 29 at 23:59, after which the selection of students will take place.

General Description

The Germany Inhousetour is an excellent opportunity for both Dutch and international students to visit the offices of international operating companies and marketing agencies. This is the perfect chance for you to learn about the companies, the daily business of their marketing departments and their job opportunities. You can also get into contact with recruiters, apply your gained marketing knowledge in case studies, or ask specific questions to the companies. A number of students, selected based on their CV, will be able to exploit this opportunity. Besides visiting companies, you will also have the chance to explore beautiful cities in Germany.

Germany Inhoustour 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at a large and internationally operating company in Germany? Are you interested in seeing what the daily business of an agency looks like? And have you possibly even considered starting to work in Germany after finishing your studies? If the answer is yes, the Germany Inhouse Tour is the place to be and the perfect opportunity for you to get to know some great companies and agencies and establish valuable contacts for your career. Who knows, this could even be the key to your future job.

This trip gives you the opportunity to get to know one of Germany’s hippest and coolest cities and most of all to visit some great companies in Berlin. So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Germany? Exactly, cars! One of Germany’s greatest car producers, ‘Volkswagen’, is welcoming us to talk about digitalization. Furthermore, the online used cars platform ‘hey car’ will give us an insight into their work. But that’s not it. Stay tuned to find out which other companies we are going to visit.

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