General Description || ComMa Conference 2017

General Description

The ComMa Conference is a co-operation between the MARUG and Commotie - the study association of Communication and Information sciences - and is organized by the ComMa committee. The ComMa Conference is especially interesting for students who want to learn more about marketing and communication, since the link between both worlds will be emphasized. The day consists of workshops and lectures about various interesting topics. Approximately 80 students are expected to participate the ComMa Conference. The ComMa Conference 2018 will take place on the 11th of October. You can find out more about the ComMa Conference on their own website.


ComMa Conference 2018

The theme of the ComMa Conference 2018 will be ‘Context is king: Personalize. Influence. Convert.’ During this congress we will look for answers to questions such as: How does an organization create an interesting story that is perfectly tailored to the intended target group? How can the consumer be provided with the right information at the right time during the customer journey? How is data collected and processed for this?

The day will be filled with interesting speakers and workshops by companies like Influencer Marketing Agency, TRES and Blogs4Travel. Ofcourse dinner is provided and we will end the day with a social. Hope to see you all on the 11th of October!