General Description || ComMa Conference 2017

General Description

The ComMa conference is a co-operation between the ‘Commotie’, the study association of Communication and Information sciences. This conference is interesting for all students who want to learn more about marketing and communication. During this conference the link between both worlds is emphasized. The day existed of workshops and lectures with interesting subjects. About 80 students will participate in this conference. The ComMa Conference is organized by the ComMa committee. The ComMa Conference of 2018 will take place on the 11th of October.

ComMa Conference 2017

The theme of this years ComMa Conference was "Back to Basic: back to offline marketing". This year we went back to the basics, the place where it all started, offline marketing. Nowadays, companies are in the spotlight with their online marketing such as social media and online marketing. But what do companies still do with offline marketing?

During the Comma Conference 2017, companies like Marketing Groningen and Hooghoudt gave lectures about offline marketing. Besides that, workshops have been given by PSFM, Friesland Campina and Spraakmakend. The day was lead by the day chairman Nathan de Vries.