General Description || Mind over Marketing 2018

General Description

Consumer behaviour and the effect this behaviour has, plays a gigantic role within marketing. That is why it is not surprising that marketing and psychology are getting more and more popular. Mind over Marketing is an event that focusses on marketing psychology. The event is ideal for students who are interested in marketing as well as psychology. The event consists of several lectures by interesting speakers, a dinner and a social!

This years Mind over Marketing took place on the 4th of December 2018 and was fully English-spoken. 

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Mind over Marketing 2018

The theme of this year: Purchase what you preach. You might sometimes wonder if your latest pair of sneakers was really worth it. But did you actively choose to buy them? Or was that decision made way before you were even aware? In this years’ Mind over Marketing event, various (neuro) marketers will discuss their own insights on how our conscious and unconscious purchase decisions are made. Are you wondering if you are as much in control of your buying behavior as you think? Visit our Mind over Marketing event!