General Description || MARUG Conference 2017

General Description

The MARUG Conference is the largest Marketing conference in the Netherlands. During this day, students and companies with an interest in marketing come together to exchange ideas and to study interesting problems related to marketing and the days theme. On average, around 500 students and professionals visit this large marketing conference. During the conference, there will be lectures, workshops and master classes, all related to the theme of the day. In previous years, theme's were "The Cloud of Connections", "The Jungle of Data", , "Co-Creation" and "Contagious Content". The MARUG Marketing Conference is organized by the Conference Board

Visit the MARUG Conference website to stay up to date about the MARUG Conference. You can reach the MARUG Conference board on week days between 10.00 and 16.00 on the telephone number 050-3633412 and via email 

Although the Conference is held primarily in Dutch, it is still accessible to international students and speakers.

"I think it is a great conference. In the programme, different aspects of the subject are discussed. The organization was great."
 - Rob Snel (Former CEO Grolsch)

MARUG Conference 2018

The theme of last year was ''Contagious Content''. Nowadays, we form a first impression within 30 seconds, but on social media this happens within 3 seconds. By playing with the possibilities of mobile content, the firm is one step ahead of the competition. Where do you have to pay attention to and how do you know which tool is the best for your product of service? During the Conference, we were taken into the world of content marketing.