General Description || Commercial Night 2018 

General Description

The Commercial Night particularly concerns online advertising and TV commercials. Several companies and lecturers are invited to share and discuss their knowledge with an international audience. The aim of the event is to inform students about changes and developments in television and online advertising, recent trends and psychological triggers. It is not needless to mention that companies will provide interesting insight into their own branding methods as well as challenges. This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from the business world. Participants are welcome to engage in an interactive discussion with the lecturers and ask questions. The Commercial Night is organized by the Commercial Night committee. The Commercial Night 2019 will take place on the 30th of April 2019

Commercial Night 2018

The theme of the Commercial Night 2018 was “To skip or not to skip – The 5 seconds challenge”. Are you annoyed by boring ads and maybe even using an ad blocker to escape from random content? But at the same time, you are enthusiastic about state-of-the art advertising strategies and tactics? At the Commercial Night 2018 our speakers provided us with real-life insights into Programmatic Advertising, Marketing Automation and Omnichannel Marketing.

The moderator of the day was Killian J. McCarthy. He is a researcher and teacher at the RUG in strategy, economics, and finance. He studied for a Bachelors in Economics in Cork (Ireland), for a Masters in Economics and Law in Utrecht (Netherlands), and for a Research Masters in Economics in Vienna (Austria). He graduated all three programmes cum laude and wrote his PhD thesis, at the University of Groningen in 2011.

The following companies presented during the Commercial Night 2018:

Marten De Ruiter is the co-founder of Spraakmakend, which is THE platform for media talent in the North of the Netherlands. They work together with video makers, presenters, storytellers and communication and graphic design talents on challenging projects for companies like Jumbo, Bavaria, solar festival and Gemeente Groningen. 

Marten De Ruiter will talk about how to catch the consumer’s attention, how to create interaction with the consumer and the best ways to adapt to actualities in marketing communication.

Joost van der Leegte and Luc Claassens are the second speakers at the Commercial Night. They are both consultants at the consultancy Cmotions. CMotions is specialized in advanced analytics and data science. For their clients from various branches they develop propositions for content optimisation, personalization and marketing automation, as well as positioning and segmentation. Their clients are big international players such as IKEA, TUI, Nestlé, but also popular Dutch brands like HEMA,, and Coolblue

They will give a talk about marketing automation: what it is, how it is used and what role marketing analytics plays in it. Finally, they will provide insights into some of their real-life cases.

Kasia Meerman and Wen Wen Tjoe are (digital) marketing consultants at Oxyma, a leading omni-channel agency in the Netherlands. They measure, create and adapt data-driven dialogues between brands and consumers across all channels. Among Oxymas clients are big international brands like BMW, Unilever and KLM, but also local brands such as Albert Heijn, Nuon and NS.

The two of them will tell you how to catch the consumers’ attention by creating the best personalized content. They will give you insights into how to develop consumer profiles to create higher engagement, in order to stay relevant for the consumer. Based on the information of their talk, they will give you the opportunity to work on a real-life consultancy case.