General Description || Commercial Night 2019

General Description

The Commercial Night particularly concerns online advertising and TV commercials. Several companies and lecturers are invited to share and discuss their knowledge with an international audience. The aim of the event is to inform students about changes and developments in television and online advertising, recent trends and psychological triggers. It is not needless to mention that companies will provide interesting insight into their own branding methods as well as challenges. This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from the business world. Participants are welcome to engage in an interactive discussion with the lecturers and ask questions. The Commercial Night is organized by the Commercial Night committee. The Commercial Night 2019 will take place on the 30th of April 2019

You can sign up at the MARUG website for only €6! Non-MARUG members can buy a ticket for €8. For every participant, dinner and three drinks are granted.

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Do you keep up with the news and the trends? Your phone is the way to do it! Companies have been long time using it to communicate their products/ services and enhance their brands to consumers. If you are thrilled and intrigued to understand the know-how and get real-life insights into Targeted Advertisement, Omnichannel Marketing and Digital Marketing, then the Commercial Night 2019, is an event you have to attend. We have invited exciting speakers who have deep knowledge of Marketing through the mobile phone, and they will share their knowledge with us.

The Commercial Night will take place on Tuesday the 30th of April at 16:00, at Van Swinderen in Groningen.

Moderator of the day

_hW4BZhyIsk24KH1B0KKUXja5tFugaAoZx6SU5GDAum4I76IjE56zODvGOxqKIMTPtvf0c54f71v9UUUyhGf8_WY9vr7r7y5uMKA8QNSpuj5h5NYh02BtEeR57kN7Zw625aF6a4uThe moderator of the day is dr. ir. M.J. Gijsenberg. He is a associate professor and researcher in RUG university. Studied in International Business and Economics at the University of Leuven(Belgium). He obtained his PhD in Marketing at the same University and became Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Louvain School of Management in Mons(Belgium). Been in the University of Groningen since August 2011, he became Associate Professor of Marketing in August 2015.


The following companies will present during the Commercial Night 2019:

Harvest Digital

HguhvFBbz2y_ad8XWJPAAYEtmirA-9ixt-bzIOcPPmDg64KGmiGtCDLSNMk7lUXGCNxnAfchVEy_TxGpl5nlM1PINzWX9K0cAhd6Ma2mCHQvVar_iNALvQxyrOxV0Ou0mo_tGVOOJurjan Scheper is the Account Director(Marketing Technology Consultant) of Harvest Digital since June 2016. Harvest Digital is a growth marketing agency. Widely known for delivering fast and sustainable growth through the use of smart data science, analytics, marketing technology and automation. Jurjan Scheper, as an expert on delivering digital personalised experiences, will give a talk with insights on Performance Marketing, CRM Marketing & Lead Generation and Marketing Automation.

Social Mensch

gLm-PObNcHaONj3We0MXCvsq4PRwpskTyhLdSb5MuSg1npA-sVIQNCdbd1Z9uUJoPrPWEPpyoTF-HJDTgNB7lRIgdwiqLoDNbGz1olf2TelkpEL_6Dxwrz1M1KhaYWMl-tsjO0RYDennis Mensen, the founder of Social Mensch, will be present in the event to share with us his story. “Passionate about telling stories for brands in a social world” as he describes himself, was also his vision when he co-founded Social Mensch, THE Social Media Agency.The team of Social Mensch develops strategic and tailored social media campaigns. They start from Research and Development of the Marketing Plan. They Design all of the campaigns and they put them in Action. Dennis Mensen will share with us various stories and insights from each of the above steps.


Dennis Hesling and Harmen Visscher, are the two most anticipated representatives of Catawiki. Catawiki, founded in 2008, was initially an online community for collectors. In 2011 it started hosting weekly online auctions, granting the company a significant role for buying and selling special items and collectibles. Catawiki, as an online auction platform, today hosts auctions from comic books to classic cars.

Harmen Visscher, the Head of CRM & Performance Marketing, will share with us insights and the “know-how” on how the Catawiki accomplished to be the worlds fastest growing auction house.

Dennis Hesling, Lead App Marketing, an expert in App Store Optimization, Mobile CRM & Push Notifications, will provide us with all his experiences and knowledge of Digital Marketing.