General Description || ComMa Conference 2019

General Description

The ComMa Congress is a co-operation between the MARUG and Commotie - the study association of Communication and Information sciences - and is organized by the ComMa committee. The ComMa Congress is especially interesting for students who want to learn more about marketing and communication, since the link between both worlds will be emphasized. The day consists of workshops and lectures about various interesting topics. Approximately 80 students are expected to participate the ComMa Congress.


ComMa Conference 2019

The ComMa Congress 2019 took place on the 17th of October. The theme of this year’s ComMa Congress was: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY- A better tomorrow with the sales of today - “Market your image”. The upcoming congress will highlight the following: First, why do companies choose to integrate CSR in their marketing model? Second, how do they communicate this message to their stakeholders? 

The cost of the ComMa Congress are €8.50 for MARUG and/or Commotie members, and €9.50 for Non-MARUG or Non-Commotie members. 
Non-MARUG members could sign up for the event by making a temporary account.