General Description || Mind over Marketing 2019

General Description

Consumer behaviour and the effect this behaviour has, plays a gigantic role within marketing. That is why it is not surprising that marketing and psychology are getting more and more popular. Mind over Marketing is an event that focusses on marketing psychology. The event is ideal for students who are interested in marketing as well as psychology. The event consists of several lectures by interesting speakers, a dinner and a social!

This year, the Mind over Marketing took place on the 3rd of December 2019 and was fully English-spoken. 

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Mind over Marketing 2019

The theme of this year was: Choice Overload. Nowadays, there are many choices available to customers. When you are shopping in a supermarket or when you are online searching for new clothes. How can we still make choices in this era of choice overload? As the paradox of choice states: less is more. But is this really the case or is an overload of choice the best way to win your customers?