General Description

We at MARUG believe it is important to put theory into practice, and after your MSc Marketing you are very likely to get a job as a Marketing Professional in (big) company. But, have you ever been to a company in which they actually use the models, theories and practices that we learn? This is possible during the Management Tour! The tour is an awesome experience in which you can really get insights in some of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. 

 Management Tour 

The Management Tour of 2019 took place on the 29th of November. The Master Marketing Team Fall has done its utmost to find the the coolest companies, and they did. During the Management Tour we took a private bus to visit the headquarters of Rituals in Amsterdam. Here we had an interactive presentation as well as a workshop, concluding with a free lunch. The fun was not over yet, after our visit to Rituals we continued the tour to De Nieuwe Zaak in Zwolle. They taught us the finest tricks in the field of e-commerce and we finished our day with a social at their office, fun!