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General Description || Intelligence Event 2018

General Description

Big Data, Big Opportunities!

The MARUG Intelligence Event presents you a nice opportunity to get more information on how marketing intelligence works in practice. This event is organized by the Master Marketing Team. The MARUG Intelligence event is directed towards MSc Marketing Intelligence students. It is a great opportunity to meet interesting companies, who will give short presentations about who they are, what they are doing and how they work with big data. Next to these presentations, there will be workshops hosted by the participating companies. Each student takes part in one challenging workshop in which one will be working with interesting data. Your team might even win €50,- each. The day will start with a lunch for everyone. After the workshops, there will be a social. Next, there will also be a recruitment diner with the participating companies, for which you can be invited based on your CV or during the day itself. The Intelligence Event will take place on the 4th of March 2020. The price of the event is only €5. 

Sign up as quickly as possible, as you might even win one of the five double pathe (cinema) tickets for just signing up! 

Intelligence Event 2020

The Intelligence Event is a nice opportunity to meet interesting companies, who will give short presentations about who they are, what they are doing and how they work with big data.Next to these presentations, workshops will be hosted by the participating companies: T-Mobile, Storm Digital and Cmotions. Each student takes part in one challenging workshop, of either Storm Digital or Cmotions, in which they will work with interesting data. The winners of the cases will compete for €50each at the final case provided by T-Mobile. No loss for those who do not make it to the final case, as they will be inspired by the experience of MARUG alumni.

The event will start with a general lunch for everyone to get the day started. During the event we will provide drinks and snacks. After the workshops, there is a social which also included drinks and bites. After the event, there will be a recruitment dinner with T-Mobile, for which you have to be invited based on your CV or during the day itself. The Intelligence Event will take place on the 4th of March 2020

More information about the companies who will participate this year:


T-Mobile is part of the “German Telekom”, which is one of the largest providers of telecom: mobile and extensive internet, interactive TV and fixed calling. They focus on both consumers and businesses in The Netherlands Their services are leading in the market and always simple, personal and unlimited. The possibilities and opportunities of a connected world are limited in their opinion. They don’t just believe in the power of technology. T-Mobile is there to connect everyone with the possibilities of today.

Storm Digital

Storm Digital is a growth marketing agency. Working across all digital areas, we ensure a solid and explosive growth for our clients like KLM, ABN AMRO, Volkswagen & Rituals. It's our mission to accelerate growth in a digital era. In central Groningen and Amsterdam, 100 specialists from data science, development, creative & digital marketing work closely together on innovative projects.

About Storm Digital | Part of Accenture Interactive
Marketing had become digital first. We are convinced that you can only be successful when technology, data and creation come together. Growth marketing focuses on realizing growth outside the traditional silos of marketing. The power is in the combination of all three elements. For the entire marketing strategy and within specific campaigns. Storm Digital has become part of Accenture Interactive since March 2019. Accenture Interactive is thé experience agency in the Netherlands. We enable marketers to offer their customers an end to end customer journey. We are therefore a ‘creative agency, technology powerhouse en business consultancy’ all in 01.

Our DNA expresses itself best in a dare-do-drive mentality. Our people and team spirit play an important role in this. We have the guts to seize opportunities. We are successful just by doing it and reaching the top is the only option for us. We like to combine this passion with a healthy dose of fun and relaxation.

Where are you going to make a difference?
The digital world is moving fast. What you’ve learned today, will be outdated tomorrow. Working at Storm Digital means working on the frontline of digital marketing. We offer young professionals a kickstart into their digital marketing career. Besides our starters positions after graduating, we also offer internships and part-time jobs during your study. Are you curious where you can make a difference on (international) projects? See more on


Cmotions comprises some 60 driven professionals all working at the cutting edge of advanced analytics, data science and their application in management and administrative issues. We’re always looking for talent.

Personal development is a must 

We believe in working with everyone’s talents. Talents, in a way, are the mark of the personality. Personality traits have a major impact on people’s behaviour and their development and their opportunities for development. Talents also have an impact on your motivation. You do better when your work suits your personal needs, preferences and talents.

That’s why we recruit, develop and assess you specifically on the talent that you already have but also want to develop further. We really care about individual attention and support. We provide practical work instructions to help you structure and monitor your assignments, but we also provide a dedicated mentor and training courses so you can continue to develop both your technical subject knowledge and your advising skills.

More about what working at Cmotions is like
Working at Cmotions means you will work for a wide variety of clients, taking the types of clients, the types and locations of the assignments and also your personal preferences and situation into account.

What we offer you
In our view, it is basic hygiene for an employer to offer good working conditions that are in line with the market. Above all, what we offer is an environment in which you can learn and develop, making mistakes is an inevitable part of that. You have the freedom to work according to how you see things and you can go to any of your colleagues for the support or reflection you need.