General Description || IME 2021: Stockholm || COVID-19 Update

General Description 

The MARUG International Marketing Experience offers both Dutch and international students the opportunity to do marketing related research in a large European city. You will be travelling with 30 selected students. Together you will visit international companies and experience what the cultural differences are with the Netherlands. Several companies will provide us with interesting cases, masterclasses, or any other interactive program. Next to the company visits, there will be enough time to explore the city and to visit cultural highlights. In the evening there will be plenty of time to discover the city night life as well!

To make sure that everyone is well prepared, there will be a preparatory phase of 7 weeks before the journey takes place. During this phase, every Monday evening we will meet for a guest lecture and a social afterwards*. The lectures will be given by marketing experts of several interesting companies, who will share their insights regarding the theme of the journey. We will also work on some interesting marketing cases. The socials are organized to make sure that all the participants get to know each other before departure. After our return back to the Netherlands, there will be a reunion social held to catch up with all the IME participants*. The International Marketing Experience is organised by the IME committee

* Given the current COVID-19 crisis, we are not certain whether all of these activities will be physically possible, see the bottom of this page for more information.

"Unilever was very impressed with the caliber of the students’ participation and looks forward to an equally fruitful meeting next year."
- Sarah Brady (Communication Director Unilever, Italy)

During previous years, the IME has visited Lisbon, Vienna, Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul, Rome, Budapest, and Madrid. Companies that have participated in the IME are among others Amazon, Heineken, ABInBev, Unilever, TNT, The Royal Bank of Scotland, KLM, and many more.


IME 2021: Stockholm

This year, the International Marketing Experience will take place at the “Venice of the North”; Stockholm! 

Purchasing products is possible through multiple channels: online, in stores, and through social media. How often are you persuaded by the shopping windows to buy new products? Or receive Instagram posts about new products of a brand? There are many different ways to attract customers. However, during the Corona Crisis, how do companies stand out and keep customers loyal?

A new environment is emerging all over the world. People work from home via digital meetings and consumers behave differently in all kinds of ways. There is an increase in the purchasing of local products, consumers shop more online, there is more consciously buying and sustainable products see an increase in sales. As people are afraid to go to stores, or as stores are closed, companies have to come up with different marketing strategies to attract their customers. The prediction of economics tells us that the changing work environment is consistent for the future. The question follows; How can companies manage radical change in consumer behaviour during crises like these, and others? To improve our understanding of our theme we will visit diverse companies in Stockholm who will give an interesting look on this year’s theme: Customer Shift

 Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is a beautiful, historic city full of surprises. With its gorgeous waterfront promenades and harbours it catches the eye of people visiting. The city is famous for its exciting architecture, museums, the Royal Palace, the medieval urban core of Gamla Stan and of course its famous meatballs. From beautiful historical streets and buildings to a spectacular nightlife, Stockholm has it all! If you decide to join us, you will explore the best of Stockholm in these 8 days!

This year, the International Marketing Experience (IME) of 2021 will take place from the 10th until the 17th of April. 

Interested in becoming an IME participant? Schedule a (n online) coffee with one of our committee members via or get in touch with our chairman (Jasper Doornbos) via Whatsapp: + 31 6 11941415

Would you like to join us on this amazing trip? Sign up on the top of this page by uploading your CV + motivation letter. The application deadline is the 17th of January The costs of the trip will amount to €350,- 

COVID-19 Update

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made travelling and visiting public places very difficult. Therefore, our options to travel abroad were already fairly limited from the beginning. For the purpose of our trip, the IME Committee together with the MARUG board has decided that Sweden might offer us the highest chances of letting the IME project go through in an enjoyable- and educational matter. 

As a committee we have extensively worked on different scenarios for our project that allow us to stick to the traditional IME programme as far as possible, but still secures the safety and health for both the students- and all the other people involved. In addition, we strive to cover all our costs with insurances, so that if the project gets cancelled, participants will get their participation fee refunded. 

Nevertheless, we have to be aware of the possibility that travelling in april might not yet be possible. However, given the current outlook of the pandemic and the interactions that we have had so far with people in Stockholm, we stay positive about the eventual feasibility of our project. Therefore, we hope that you would consider joining us on this amazing trip in this challenging time and that together, we will travel to Sweden in april. 

If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policy, feel free to approach us anytime!