General Description

This year, the Sustainable Marketing Event is going to take place on the Thursday 29th of April! We as the MARUG want to set an example for sustainability. At the Sustainable Marketing Event multiple speakers from interesting companies will present their solutions for sustainable business practices. Our online event is a great opportunity to gain first-hand solutions from sustainable businesses, but also to learn how to implement small sustainable changes in your daily life, or simply to connect with other students concerned with sustainability.

The main theme of this year’s Sustainable Marketing Event is:
Sustainable Society | Finding our way to a Doughnut Economy.

Our company speakers will firstly give some interesting presentations on current sustainability topics. Afterwards, you, as participants, are more than welcome to engage in our interactive discussion with the speakers and the moderator while enjoying a drink provided by Lust. The Sustainable Marketing Event Committee is looking forward to meet you at the event!

You can sign up  for only €5! Non-MARUG members can buy a ticket for €10. If you want to subscribe as a Non-MARUG Member, you first have to create a temporary account. You can also first become a member of the MARUG for only €4. This means that it is cheaper for you to first become a MARUG Member ;)
Every participant gets a delicious dinner and some drinks! The first 30 people to sign up and want to pick up one, get a sustainable goodiebag!

Sustainable Marketing Event 2021

Do I really need this new shirt? Should I take a hot or rather a cold shower? Self-cooking or ordering at my lunch cafe around the corner?
Student life can be full of those decisions and we want to help you with answering them. Are you interested in sustainability, how it takes place in your daily life, and especially how COMPANIES try to be sustainable? In a world that focus on profit-seeking it is not always easy to make the most sustainable decisions. The Sustainable Marketing Event invited four companies from different industries to talk about their solutions for sustainable business practices. Besides interesting PRESENTATIONS, a sustainable DINNER, free DRINKS, and a cool GOODIEBAG will make the event to a great experience!

Once you sign up you will receive an e-mail the day before the event with the link to participate! We hope to see you then!

Moderator of the Day

The moderator of the day is David Olk.

Hey, my name is David Olk. I am currently doing a PhD in Marketing in which I research the promotion of healthier and more sustainable products in retailing. Before this, I did the Double Degree Master of Marketing in Groningen and Oslo. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, photography, festivals, hanging out with friends and absolutely love playing beach volleyball.



MYoMY produces beautiful and sustainably made bags! Fair trade production, ethical quality and sustainable design are at the forefront of their production, and during the Sustainable Marketing Event they will tell you everything you need to know about slow fashion.

MOYU Notebooks

MOYU creates sustainable and rewritable notebooks. The pages are erasable so you can re-use them for up to 500 times! Not only does the notebook not need any paper, MOYU also plants a tree for every notebook they sell to combat the destruction of ecosystems and protect communities in Kenya. During the Sustainable Marketing event, MOYU Notebooks will talk more about circular economy.

The Seaweed Company

As the fastest growing biomass in the world, seaweed proves to have many valuable applications! It is one of the few solutions to addressing the CO2 problem. The Seaweed Company uses unique biological and technical expertise to efficiently grow, harvest and process seaweed. This seaweed can then be used for high nutrition foods, health and wellbeing, animal health, pharmaceuticals, bio growth stimulants and sustainable materials! The Seaweed Company will tell you more during the Sustainable Marketing Event as well as touch upon the topic of a resilient society.


OPNIEUW! renews furniture and uses waste to create new furniture for businesses. They stand for a circular economy, giving furniture and waste another chance, and they will tell you more about this topic during the Sustainable Marketing Event!